Strength through Prayer

Strength through Prayer


Yesterday’s blog was about the basic questions of anyone wondering about what prayer is, who could pray, when to pray, where, why, and how.  For new Christians or even the old ones, it’s good to be reminded about what prayer really is and how it helps a person connect to God and develop his/her relationship. If you like to read more about yesterday’s blog, click this link,

Now that it was discussed, we can now proceed to one of the benefits when it comes to prayer. Prayer is so broad that there are benefits every time you do it. And one of the main benefits is strength, which we’ll talk about today. Strength is essential for anyone whether a kid or even an old person. It is what one needs in order to get up, dress up and show up in any commitment or responsibility that person has. However, it is not just about physical strength that one would need but also, spiritual, mental, and emotional too because there are battles we face every day, which is going to also be discussed in this series in the next few days.

There are different areas where you would need strength and those aspects are physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional which also has reasons why you should pray for every part of it because each aspect is as important as the other one.

Physical Strength

This pandemic showed a lot of importance in the smallest things just like waking up to a healthy body. God has the power to strengthen your body and even heal the sick. Just like in the Bible, when Jesus made a lame man walk, the blind man sees and many other miracles. It was because of prayer and the faith of the person. Many people pray to God with unbelief and that is the enemy of God’s power working in you. When you pray for physical strength, you need to know that God really grants that strength in you because you’ll realize that when you reach the fullest potential of your body. You will see that without God’s power in your prayer for your strength, you wouldn’t be able to use your hands to work and your feet to support you. Some people lack strength in their physical body and so prayer works wonders when you pray that God would give you the strength that you need in order to move around and do what you need to do.

Mental Strength

A lot of people had trouble during this pandemic and even before the pandemic. People encounter mental breakdowns due to stress in studies, work, or finances. There are a lot of reasons to break down mentally and that’s when you realize the importance of praying even for your mind. Praying for your mind to function properly and that the mind of Christ be upon you as you face every day because every day you would encounter different people, places, and things, and sometimes that would cause you to have a hard time processing them because our minds have the limited capacity and the only way to reach more than that capacity is through prayer that God would guide you in handling different situations. The reason why there are people going through psychiatrists is because of their mental stability. In this world, if you don’t know how to handle challenging situations, it may cause mental breakdowns and even worse. That’s why you are blessed to have access to prayer for your mental strength.

Emotional Strength

There are days wherein your emotions are being used too much. Whether that be your happiness, sadness, grief, anger, and any other emotions one could feel. You will always have days where you feel one or two emotions at that day or even more. Emotional exhaustion is even worse than physical exhaustion. That’s because our emotions are temporary and fast-paced. We feel one emotion now but the next minute, we feel the opposite of it. That’s why the Bible says to never trust our feelings or emotions because it is inconsistent, it is fleeting. So you need to really depend on the strength of God guiding us on our emotions because if you use your strength in the things or people you don’t need to use it on, you will really feel tired in the end. Your prayer for your emotions every day matters because your emotions will determine the thoughts you think of and the words you speak. So for you to walk in God’s plan, you need to learn to control your emotions and strengthen them through prayer.

Spiritual Strength

You might be wondering, why spirituality is part of the four aspects of strength through prayer. Well, that’s because spiritual strength is just like your physical strength. Exercising yourself through prayer, reading God’s word and worshipping develops your spiritual strength to face every battle in life. It all boils down to spirituality because it is a connection between you and God. You need to be strengthened spiritually for you to learn more about God and know Him more on a personal level. Praying for your spiritual strength is a challenge because no one could be consistent in reading the Bible and praying but praying for this aspect helps us practice and live by it. And so, just how consistent you are in exercising your physical strength, learn to exercise your spiritual strength more.


Now that you have seen every aspect of prayer and how you may get strength from it, we, the Salvation Garden pray that you would incorporate this in your daily life that you may be able to see the difference when you pray. This blog series is not yet over! There is more to prayer and we’ll be talking about it more. 

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Prayer Requests and the Use of Online Ministries

Prayer Requests and the Use of Online Ministries

Prayer Requests and the Use of Online Ministries

A key lesson we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that it may not be possible to visit our desired churches and pray to seek His blessings always. It has become more crucial for churches and holy sites than ever before to have an online presence.

So, even when you can’t visit a church in person, you can still sit in front of your computer screens and connect to it across cyberspace. You can have a stronger relationship with our Lord by sending your prayer requests online. Online ministries send these prayer requests to the holiest sites in existence. Thus, the online platforms offer the best opportunities to get connected to Him.

Importance of Online Prayers

Prayers can help believers to rise above the lows in their life. It is a means to offer one’s hardships to the creator who is always ready to give a patient hearing to the believers.

You may fail to observe, but God is always by your side, and He will bless you in abundance. Today’s advanced digital age makes it simple for a community of believers to pray for a common cause jointly. You have to send your prayer request online, and the website will deliver it to a holy site.

A prayer is a powerful tool that can work in miraculous ways. It makes sure one never losses hope, even during a crisis. Here are a few other benefits of online prayers:

1. Makes People More Compassionate 

When you choose an online route to send your prayers, you may get exposed to other petitions as well. Every time you read through the genuine desires of strangers, you feel like reaching out to those people through your prayers.

2. Help You to Get a Reality Check 

You can go through the humble prayer requests and realize how blessed you are as compared to other people. It acts as a reality check and strengthens your belief in the Almighty. There is a sense of thankfulness in you for the many blessings you have got over the years. You also realize that you are not the only person to go through testing times, and this is just a passing phase in your life.

Use of Online Ministries

Where are all the people today? Half the globe’s population today is online. There is hardly any doubt that online ministries have a significant role in delivering prayer requests from millions of people.

These ministries allow believers who are unable to participate in physical services due to physical or geographical limitations. Online ministries create an opportunity to bring believers together over large distances in the name of something positive.

These ministries reach out to seekers, visitors, and members through different types of Internet technology and Web tools. They also promise a real presence to people searching for answers.

The Salvation Garden is a dedicated online prayer community. We are ecstatic whenever there is good news from people who sent their online prayer requests through us. Every time these believers let us know that God answered their prayers, we are thrilled. Your testimonies are valuable to us as we deliver your sincere prayers to the Holy Churches in Israel.

Allow us to pray for you and our team members will take all your requests to the Holy Land and deliver them to a church of your choice.

Prayer Requests and the Use of Online Ministries

Know All about All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween

Know All about All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween

Know All about All Hallows' Eve or Halloween

All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween falls on October 31 every year. It is one day before All Saints’ Day or All Hallows’ Day in the Christian calendar. Traditionally, the Church held a vigil on All Hallows’ Eve, and worshipers would fast and pray before the feast day. The name derives from an Old English Word hallowed, meaning sanctified or holy.

History of All Hallows’ Eve

Its history dates back to the time when people celebrated a pagan festival called Samhain. The word Halloween means hallowed evening and comes from All Hallows’ Eve. Centuries ago, people went from door-to-door dressed as saints. That’s how the tradition of trick-or-treating and Halloween costumes started.

Many of you could be already aware that Halloween falls on October 31. However, not many people know that early European celebrators called it All Hallows’ Eve. All Hallows’ Eve and All Saints’ Day, which falls a day later (November 1), paid homage to saints. Eventually, the day is called Halloween, which we all love and know to this day.

Why Do We Celebrate Halloween on October 31?

We celebrate Halloween on October 31 as Samhain, an ancient Greek festival that occurred on the same day. It was a crucial time of year as seasons changed. However, observers believed that the boundary between this universe and the next became narrow at this time. Thus, they could connect with people who were no more in this world.

Some other cultures also shared similar beliefs. For instance, the Jewish holiday called Yom Kippur also falls in October. Jews pray for the departed souls on this day. It is also where All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween gets its haunted flavor.

How Do People Celebrate Halloween?

In ancient times, Samhain included many ritualistic ceremonies to get closer to spirits. Although much detail is not available about those celebrations, several believers feel the Celts wore strange costumes to disguise themselves against ghosts. They made lanterns out of gourds and relished special feasts to mark the day.

Over time, as the popularity of Christianity as a religion increased, there were fewer pagan undertones in its celebration. However, the day’s basic traditions continued to be a part of popular culture annually. Those traditions only became modern and more evolved.

As All Hallows’ Eve is about to arrive within a few days, people are getting ready with their spooky costumes. They are also planning to gorge on mouth-watering Halloween treats, chocolates, and candies and indulge in everything that has the flavor of pumpkin spice. There is so much to look forward to during this fun October holiday.

Irrespective of your age or gender, All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween will never become old. The little ones in the family get an opportunity to dress up, and their parents enjoy the chance to sip on a special Halloween cocktail.

No matter what the occasion is, praying helps you to be closer to our Lord. We, The Salvation Garden, offer you the chance to send your urgent prayer requests for any reason. Allow us to pray for you! Send your Urgent Prayer Requests now.

Our dedicated team members will personally take your urgent prayer requests to a Church of your choice in the Holy Land and then offer them to our Lord. After we bring your prayer requests to your chosen Holy Church, we will send you videos or pictures to assure you.

Know All about All Hallows' Eve or Halloween

Prayer Guidelines

Prayer Guidelines

Prayer Guidelines

Prayer is always a matter of a lifestyle of developing your relationship and connecting to God. Connections are important in a relationship and the only way to connect to God is through prayer. It is your channel to communicate with Him and know Him more just like how you talk to your friends and family. The way you communicate with them is through talking and same as prayer as a form of connecting and talking to God. This is what prayer really is.

Now that you know what prayer is, have you wondered who can pray and see the manifestation of those prayers? In the Bible, it says that those who desire to know Him just like in Jeremiah 29:13, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Also in Hebrews 11:6, “And without faith, it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” As a person desires to know God then that person will find God.

As you live life to the fullest, sometimes you would wonder when you should really pray? When is the right time to pray? In 2 Timothy 4:2, “Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.” Despite the word preach, it may be applied to prayer. In every season you face whether it’s a good or a bad season, just pray. As said in the first part, prayer is a communication with God. It’s a connection. It’s a way to build your relationship. Relationships are not built by good experiences or days you share with someone but bad seasons or bad experiences are also part of what you share in a relationship and so that goes in prayer. You may pray whenever you want as long as you keep doing it. Good or bad, the Lord will listen to your prayer. No matter what time it is in the day or how busy you are, never forget to communicate with your Creator.

Now that you know what prayer is, who has the authority to pray, and when is the time to pray, you should figure out the reason why a person should pray. There are a lot of reasons why people pray but there are main reasons why a person prays to God. One, the main goal of prayer is to really develop a relationship with God since it is the fastest and most convenient channel to talk to the Lord. Then others pray because of the gratitude they have as God has been working in their life and they treat life as a gift from the Lord and that they acknowledge that it comes from God, that’s why they pray, to give thanks to Him. Also, it’s to ask wisdom, knowledge, strength, humility, peace, and anything that a person could ask the Lord, because as it says in Matthew 7:7-11, ”Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth, and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. Or what man is there of you, whom if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks a fish, will he give him a serpent?If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?” Whatever it is that you need, the Lord will surely give it to you as long as you have the right heart and the right attitude. Then one of the reasons for prayer is acknowledgment. It is to acknowledge that without God, we are nothing. We can’t do anything without Him. These are some reasons why a person prays.

So, where should you pray? Is there a specific place where to pray and offer up your thanksgiving to God? Is the church the right place? The answer is anywhere and everywhere! Whether you are at home, your workplace, school, church, or even in your bathroom. You can pray anywhere. The only difference is the solemnity of each place just like in the Holy Churches in Jerusalem where we offer up the prayers you have sent us. We pray there because we know that that place is one of the holiest places here on earth and so we, The Salvation Garden, offer the prayers there. However, no matter where you are, your heart in praying matters.

Now, how should you pray? The answer is simple. Just approach God’s presence boldly and with confidence that you know that you can communicate with Him directly. Talk to Him with respect but also talk to Him as His child because He is your Heavenly Father. The Lord is not someone you think is so strict and always ready to punish, His character towards His children isn’t like that. He is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. And so as you pray, just approach Him with the confidence that you are His child whom He loved dearly.

In this blog prayer series, you would know what prayer is, how it is done, the benefits, battles, and victories you’ll encounter in prayer. This series is for you to know how important prayer is to incorporate in your lifestyle and its effects on your daily living. This is just the start of it, there are more for you to read. And so take the time to read the whole series in the coming days and apply it in your life, you’ll see how different your life will be!

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Prayer Guidelines

Urgent Prayer Request

Urgent Prayer Request

Urgent Prayer Request

Prayer is a means to be attentive to God and establishes a two-way spiritual relationship with Him. We not only talk to God while praying but also listen to his advice. You can compare it to a conversation a child has with their dad. For instance, is it commonplace for a child to request their dad for the things they wish or ask for guidance or advice?

Remember, we do not pray on our own but along with Christians residing all over the world. Also, it helps us be in touch with our Lord and others. When we offer up prayer requests together, it becomes a more powerful tool for us, Christians living in different parts of the world unite in the power of the Holy Spirit and the name of Christ. We offer all types of situations to God and He uses these prayers to bless the world with justice and love. It becomes a ministry that as those fervent prayers offered becomes a blessing to someone out there.

How Do We Begin?

Prayer does not have to be a hidden secret. He is always there to protect and guide us and prepared to listen. God hears prayers that are offered by His children.

There are several ways to pray:

  • Do an activity that is prayerful such as visiting a church or lighting a candle.
  • Morning prayer to prepare yourself for the day you will encounter.
  • Share our feelings with God.
  • Be quiet with our Lord irrespective of whether you are with other people or on your own.
  • Say Amen when someone else is praying.
  • Use words – sing, speak, or think them.
  • Join your Church Online Prayer

Why Do We Pray?

Prayer is an expression of gratitude, or a solemn request addressed to God. It is a way to Worship. People pray as they wish to communicate with God to ask for something they desire or to offer thanks. Christians expect to get answers to their prayers based on their requirements or the crucial circumstances they face.

Mostly, people expect to receive the answers to their prayers instantly. That is because they feel they need those things at that very moment. At times, a believer has prayers to be offered immediately to our Lord. Immediate Prayer that urgently needs an answer.

The reason for this is they require an urgent response. It may be the top-most priority for them at that time. However, they should remember that it is not how prayer works.

God Hears Every Prayer

Our Lord listens to the prayers of every believer, and all are equally important to Him. However, this does not mean He will come up with an immediate response.

His timetable is not the same as ours. Some people may feel that He is taking too much time to answer their prayers. The reality, however, is our Lord responds beautifully to all requests but in His proper time. Just like when He gave Jesus as the sacrificial lamb for our sins, it was the right time to be saved from the darkness.

God always ensures that the heart of His believers is prepared to receive the responses that He prepares. Remember, when our Lord comes up with answers to the prayers of His believers, it can bring blessing to them and other people around them.

Types of Prayer Requests

There are people who send their prayer requests through us and we’ve seen how it has made an impact in their lives. These are some of the prayer requests that they submit.

  1. Healing
  2. Provision
  3. Guidance
  4. Gratitude
  5. Urgent Prayer Request

These are some of them but prayers are not limited to just these but for you to find out more about the urgent prayer request or the immediate request, here are some of the things you might want to know about.

What is an Urgent Prayer Request?

Urgent Prayer Request is a prayer a believer creates when they feel something is crucial and should be prayed for immediately. It may be a prayer that is an emergency or a priority. It is a need to urgently get an answered prayer request.

Very often, urgent prayer requests are a prayer for others or a personal prayer for someone. Such a prayer request has no limit on what or for whom to pray. It just signifies that every person has different requirements at different times.

The Bible promises that faithful and fervent prayer works. We have seen that happening countless times to us, and the people around us. Our Lord is faithful and listens and responds to fervent prayers offered when we have a need.

Is your situation an impossible one? Do you require an absolute miracle? Even if you have an urgent requirement in life, we have complete faith in supernatural miracles. Our Lord can achieve the impossible if we trust Him completely. God’s timetable is different from how we perceive it.

How to pray an urgent prayer?

There is no right or wrong way in how to pray this urgent prayer. But here are some of the ways you can use as a guide to help you:

  1. Set your Heart right
  2. Know what you need to pray for
  3. Have faith knowing God can work in your situation

How do you ask for a prayer request?

The Salvation Garden offers you the chance to send your urgent prayer requests for any reason – family problems, financial issues, personal struggles, or anything you desire or need. Send your Urgent Prayer Requests here.

The Ministry of The Salvation Garden

The Lord has blessed us at The Salvation Garden with an opportunity to approach and assist all such people who need to offer their prayers to the Almighty. It is a ministry that God has given us to be able to be a blessing to everyone in the world as we offer prayer requests in the Holy Churches. We believe that our Lord listens to us. God hears prayers. When we connect to Him in full faith and boldly, our prayers work. Every time you send your urgent prayer requests, we prioritize them by taking them to the Holy Churches.

We, at The Salvation Garden, are your most dependable organization to carry your prayers to Holy Churches. Your prayers are valuable for us as they not only include your requirements but also the most important goals and desires in your life. When you fill-up the prayer forms, we inspire you to offer your prayer first. It will help you to be fully convinced in His power while writing your urgent prayer requests.

Once you have filled out your urgent prayer requests online, the next step is to choose the Church where you want us to take your prayers. Alternatively, we will also bring your prayer request to all five Holy Churches if you want us to do so.

Our dedicated team members will personally take your urgent prayer requests to all these Churches and then offer them to our Lord. While you send these prayer requests, do not forget to pray daily. Mark 11:24 mentions, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

We believe that you will get the right response to all your urgent prayer requests. You should have complete faith that God will send you the right answers while sending these prayer requests. After we bring your prayer requests to your chosen Holy Church, we will send you videos or pictures to assure you.

Many people have told us that they felt a difference in their life after sending their urgent prayer requests through us at The Salvation Garden. We understand that it may not always be easy for you to share your intimate and personal prayers. However, know that we are a safe space and join you in your prayers.

We are ecstatic every time we get the good news from all those people who sent their urgent prayer requests through us. These people tell us that our Lord has answered their prayers. We value your testimonies as we bring your sincere prayers to the Holy Churches.

Prayer has incredible power as it transforms everything. Every time we bring our prayers to the Holy Land, we learn how the Almighty is changing your life through the prayer requests. We realize that God has us here for a beautiful purpose when we receive your testimonies. And this specific purpose is to bring all your prayer requests to the Holy Churches of Jerusalem.

Thus, we, The Salvation Garden, offer you the chance to send your urgent prayer requests for any reason – family problems, financial issues, personal struggles, or anything you desire or need. Allow us to pray for you! Send your Urgent Prayer Requests now

Urgent Prayer Request

10 Things I Learned from the Passion of Christ

10 Things I Learned from the Passion of Christ

10 Things I Learned from the Passion of Christ

The passion of Christ or the suffering that Jesus endured despite being innocent of the crimes the rabbis accused him of, is not merely a history lesson to be reenacted for posterity. There are critical life lessons from the way of the cross that we can carry forward into our own lives. These lessons are not simply to be revisited come Easter week. They have to be considered and practiced throughout the lives we lead.

Here are the 10 most important lessons that the passion of Christ teaches us.

1. Courage: While some traditionalists may believe that Jesus freed us from original sin by sacrificing himself on the cross, the most obvious aspect of the suffering that Christ faced on his way to Calvary is the courage and fortitude that he showed. Being wronged may not necessarily be a part of everyday life but when it does happen, learning the strength with which Jesus faced his trials is a lesson all of us could use.

2. The Willingness to Surrender: God’s divine plan has a logic that may not be apparent in our time. Nor is God responsible for man’s depravity and independent actions. By accepting God’s will in times of adversity, we make ourselves stronger to lead life in more exemplary ways.

3. The Habit of Prayer: Indulging in everyday prayer keeps us morally honest, mentally sincere, and psychologically healthy. Unburdening yourself, especially as part of praying communities does wonders in helping you sort and prioritize difficulties in life.

4. Patience: Jesus knew that he was innocent and that the trials of a manipulated mob were unjust. Yet he chose to suffer and accept death at the hands of his aggressors. His quiet fortitude and tenacity is borne out by his successfully creating an example for the world to follow.

5. Forgiveness: Following off the last argument, knowing how to forgive those who have wronged you is one of the hardest lessons in life. Jesus showed us exactly how this could be done, 2000 years ago.

6. Perseverance: Jesus is said to have been singular in the tenets of his faith despite having the world conspire against him. This speaks volumes about how consistent we should remain and persist in our moral principles no matter how lonely it gets.

7. The Ability to Take on Suffering: Suffering isn’t just physical pain that you may have undergone during an illness or an experience with disability. It is also the mental dejection that you face when you have to depend upon others for the slightest of needs. The passion teaches us how Jesus used the power of prayer when things became too tough to endure. He does express his anguish momentarily. But in the end, he is strong as ever. That is the example we can learn to follow.

8. Emerging from Redemption: There are times when we feel so dejected by the wrongs we may have committed in the past that we fail to see how we can make amends in the future. Every minor act matters as Jesus showed when he chose to forgive the criminal, Barabbas for his small act of kindness by the cross.

9. Looking for Hope: Even when all the world seems against us, being able to see things in perspective and persisting with habits of kindness, justness, and compassion, helps us hold on to our Christianity. Prayer helps as well.

10. Preparing for a Better End: As Christians, we are free to live our lives fully, struggling in the pursuit of a skill, a study, or a calling. We’re also free to love, laugh, and play. But our faith strongly directs us to prepare for a place in a kingdom that’s not of this world.

The Salvation Garden virtually opens the gates for you, and for Christians around the world, giving you direct access to Jerusalem’s holy sites. Now you can send your prayer and have it physically placed in your chosen site of worship in the Holy Land. Write your prayer request here.

10 Things I Learned from the Passion of Christ

Miracle Prayer Request – Mount Tabor

Miracle Prayer Request – Miracle Walk at Mount Tabor

The Miracle Walk is a unique prayer ceremony, performed for special prayer requests only, on the top of Mount Tabor, the holy site of the Transfiguration of Jesus, the greatest miracle of all. Please read this explanation before submitting your prayer request

Transfiguration of Jesus - Miracle Prayer Request

The Transfiguration of Jesus: The Greatest Miracle

The Transfiguration of Jesus is an event where Jesus is transfigured and becomes radiant in glory – like the sun – upon Mount Tabor.

Jesus and three of His apostles – Peter, James, and John – go to pray on a mountain, later referred to as the Mount of Transfiguration and identified as Mount Tabor in the Holy Land.

On the mountaintop, while praying, Jesus begins to shine with bright rays of light. Then the Biblical figures Moses and Elijah appear next to Him and He speaks with them. Jesus is then called “Son” by the voice of God the Father.

The transfiguration is one of the miracles of Jesus in the Gospels. This miracle is unique among others that appear in the canonical gospels, in that the miracle happens to Jesus Himself. Thomas Aquinas considered the transfiguration “the greatest miracle” in that it complemented baptism and showed the perfection of life in Heaven.

For The Salvation Garden, as a praying community, the Transfiguration miracle has a unique importance, as it happened during prayer and the voice of God was heard on the top of the mountain.

In Christian teachings, the transfiguration is a pivotal moment, and the setting on Mount Tabor is presented as the point where human nature meets God: the meeting place of the temporal and the eternal, with Jesus Himself as the connecting point, acting as the bridge between heaven and earth.

Mount Tabor Transfiguration Prayer Request

Mount Tabor: Where Miracles Happen

Since the 3rd century, most Christians have identified Mount Tabor as the site of the Transfiguration of Jesus.

At the eastern end of the Jezreel Valley, Mount Tabor is shaped almost like half a sphere, suddenly rising from rather flat surroundings and reaching a height of 575 meters (1,886 feet), thus dominating by a good 450 meters the the plain below.

Mount Tabor, in the North of the Holy Land, has long been a place of Christian pilgrimage. Until today, Mount Tabor is the site of the Church of Transfiguration.

When in need of a miracle – a personal miracle, a healing miracle, or any other celestial help – believers travel far to visit Mount Tabor and pray.

The Miracle Walk Ceremony: Prayer Request for a Miracle 

Following the footsteps of several pilgrims and stories of great miracles, the Miracle Walk Ceremony was developed.

Pilgrims can walk the same grounds upon which Jesus went through the Transfiguration and pray. In this holy site, where the greatest miracle of all occurred, believers feel as if the prayer reaches further into Heaven.

The Salvation Garden team performs this unique prayer ceremony, the Miracle Walk, walking on the top of Mount Tabor, praying at the holy site where miracles happen.

Miracle Walk Prayer Ceremony Mount Tabor Transfiguration Site

Send Your Prayer Request for the Miracle Walk

If you choose to send a personal prayer request for the Miracle Walk, we commit to take your prayer to the top of Mount Tabor, walk there while praying your request, and hope together with you that all of our prayers be heard and answered.

Clearly, we do not and cannot guarantee a miracle. While this holy site has seen miracles before, this is not for humans to decide nor promise. Only God has the answers.

The Miracle Walk practically takes a whole day. Your donation helps us to cover at least part of the costs, which include 2-3 hours drive in each direction, an hour long walk and prayer ceremony, security arrangements, and other administrative work.

The Miracle Walk is limited in availability and we can only perform it once or twice a month, so when submitting your prayer request, please allow 1-2 weeks until completion.

After the Miracle Walk, to make it more memorable, we will send to you a photo of your printed prayer request on top of the Tabor mountain.

Please click here to write your prayer request. Then, after you select at least one church, click Continue and there select the Miracle Walk option. 

St. Peter’s Church

Send Prayer Request Online at the St. Peter’s Church

Pray with Us: St. Peter’s Church

Pray with Us: St. Peter’s Church

Today, St. Peter’s Church is an easy one hour drive from Jerusalem. But hundreds of years ago, it would take pilgrims another three days to reach the Holy City. The church was built in 1654 on the top of a hill near the shore in Jaffa. 

Jaffa was once the main port to the Holy Land. Christian pilgrims, from across the world, would first arrive here to reach Jerusalem. St. Peter’s Church, with its tall bell tower, used to be a beacon to these pilgrims. It was the hopeful signal that the Holy Land was near. 

The church was originally part of a crusader fort and citadel. It was erected during the reign of Louis IX, King of France. A statue of King Louis IX stands in the courtyard of the church today. 

Painting by Antoine-Jean Gros depicting Napoleon in Jaffa surrounded by the aftermath of a battle
Painting by Antoine-Jean Gros depicting Napoleon in Jaffa surrounded by the aftermath of a battle.

On the right of the church, two rooms still remain of St. Louis’ fort. Historians believe these are the same rooms where French General Napoleon lived in 1799. Napoleon used the Holy Land as a base, while campaigning in Egypt and Syria. 

Statue of Napoleon in Jaffa today
Statue of Napoleon in Jaffa today.

During the 18th century, the church was destroyed and rebuilt twice. The St. Peter’s Church we know today was completed in 1894. Throughout the many lifetimes of this church, it has always been dedicated to St. Peter.

Jaffa is an important location for St. Peter in the bible. Here he raised Tabitha, one of Jesus’ disciples, from the dead.

“Peter sent them all out of the room; then he got down on his knees and prayed. Turning toward the dead woman, he said, “Tabitha, get up.” She opened her eyes, and seeing Peter she sat up. He took her by the hand and helped her to her feet. Then he called for the believers, especially the widows, and presented her to them alive.” Acts 9:40-41


St. Peter holds Tabitha’s hand
St. Peter holds Tabitha’s hand.

Today, St. Peter’s Church continues to welcome pilgrims from all over the world. There are weekly services in English, Spanish, Polish and even Hebrew. 

How Can The Salvation Garden Help You?

The Salvation Garden believes that every believer in the world should be easily able to access the holy places of the Holy Land. We want to assist you in achieving success in your spiritual and material life.

Those who are unable to make it to these pilgrimage sites, we volunteer to carry your prayers to one of the holiest sites in these lands.

Click here to fill the online prayer request form with your personal prayer. Choose St. Peter’s Church or multiple holy churches and holy places in the Holy Land.

We will visit those holy places and personally deliver your printed prayer request. You will get the delivery confirmation from us to your email and an optional video.

We also deliver your urgent prayer request to the Holy Land. While our service comes free, your donations help us with our travel, printing, security, and other expenses.

Pray at the Jesus Appearance Site in the Holy Land

Pray at the Jesus Appearance Site in the Holy Land

Write your own prayer request, we will print it and hand deliver your prayer at the Jesus appearance site in the Holy Land.

Jesus Appearance Site

To deliver your prayer requests, The Salvation Garden team visited the holy place of Emmaus Nicopolis, in the Holy Land, the exact location where Jesus appeared after resurrection and broke bread with his disciples. To place your own prayer request, please click here.

The visit was inspiring, spirituality is everywhere, we could feel it in our heart and bones. And the stunning sunset added to it all. We were thrilled to deliver prayers.

Jesus Appearance Site Emmaus - Prayer Request

City of Christians

We held our breath in front of this ancient Byzantine marble stone with Greek inscription stating:

“In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Beautiful the City of Christians is”.

This is where it all happened and He appeared. What a strong place.

Jesus Appearance Ancient Sign - Prayer Request

2,000 Years Old

The earliest church building found in Emmaus Nicopolis is from the 3rd century. Nearly 2 millennia ago, people in the Holy Land marked this unique place as the exact location where Jesus returned to walk among us.

Jesus Appearance Location Holy Land - Prayer Request

Your Own Prayer Request

We took with us over 30 prayer requests and read them softly at this holy place. Being so close to where He appeared after resurrection felt like bliss. Learning that at least one prayer was already answered by a miracle filled our heart with love.

Jesus Appearance Prayer Request

Write Your Own Prayer Request

Through The Salvation Garden, once you write your prayer request, select your churches and click Continue. There, you will see an option to add “Jesus Appearance“, which means we will be honored to take your prayer with us on our next trip to Emmaus Nicopolis. The service fee we charge doesn’t even cover all costs, yet we raised some funds to allow us to continue. Thank you!

Click here to write your prayer request.

Jesus Appearance Location Holy Land - Prayer Request

Start 2022 in the Holy Land

Start 2022 in the Holy Land

Start 2022 in the Holy Land

We are calling all prayer warriors for their best prayer requests. Now is the time to strengthen our faith as we head into the new year. In 2022, God is waiting to answer our prayers. Christmas season may be over, but we must stay strong in our belief of Christ.

Start off the year with online worship and have your prayers hand-delivered to Holy Sites in Jerusalem. Members of The Salvation Garden community are already having their prayers answered by the Lord.

“We had a Christmas miracle and wanted to thank your staff for delivering our prayer requests to the Holy Land. God bless all of you & may 2022 bring you joy, peace and good health.”

This anonymous prayer request was given directly to God in the Holy Land. Our prayer team in Jerusalem is working hard to keep helping our brothers and sisters find hope. We can not lose faith in the new year.

When we pray to God, an angel can answer our prayers. Make a silent prayer request now and strengthen your connection with Our Savior.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4:6-7

Even though 2021 is over, we still live in challenging times. Do not hesitate to turn to God. Only He can answer our prayers.

Let God hear your prayers in Jerusalem in the new year. We will all pray together in the Holy land.

We, The Salvation Garden, offer you the chance to send your urgent prayer requests for any reason. Allow us to pray for you! Send your Urgent Prayer Requests now.

Our dedicated team members will personally take your urgent prayer requests to a Church of your choice in the Holy Land and then offer them to our Lord. After we bring your prayer requests to your chosen Holy Church, we will send you videos or pictures to assure you.

Quarantined due to Coronavirus? Send an Online Prayer Request

Prayer Request Against Coronavirus

Prayer Request Against Coronavirus

I had heard of the power of an online prayer request but did not believe much in its strength till one day, I decided to send one and seek God’s divine grace.

We were all happy as well as exhausted. My family and I had just spent the last week having a relaxing and blissful holiday abroad. Although I scanned the newspapers every morning and did my fair share of catching up on the latest happenings worldwide, I did not pay much attention to the growing pandemic of Coronavirus. After all, we were on our much-awaited holiday and wanted to make the most of our break. Moreover, the newspapers did not say much about whether Coronavirus had reached the city where we lived or the one where we were holidaying. So there really wasn’t much to rattle my nerves or get worried about my family. I decided to enjoy my holidays to the hilt and let the news reports take a back seat for the time being.

The day of our return flight dawned near. On our way to the airport, while we were waiting at a traffic signal, the cab driver turned on the radio. The newsreader was relaying how the deadly Coronavirus was quickly spreading and endangering the lives of everyone. The news hardly mattered to me because we were heading home and there were no reports of any cases being positive in our city. We reached the airport and, after the formalities were over, we all headed to the lounge for a cup of coffee. It was here that I heard some passengers discuss how fast Coronavirus was being detected all over the world and the preventive measures and advisories being broadcast all over the media. I logged in to my email and found that it had been flooded with messages issued in the public interest by our government and how to take precautionary measures to stay safe. My Facebook page was inundated with posts of new cases being detected and how people were getting paranoid about the situation by the day. Still, I brushed aside these reviews and proceeded to board my flight. 

The flight attended handed each one of us a small bottle of hand sanitizer and asked everyone to use it diligently. This seemed a bit strange as I had never seen anything like this before. Still, my family and I decided to follow the instructions as there was no harm in doing it. Personal hygiene was always on top of my mind, particularly when it came to my 3-year-old kid.

Our flight landed on time. We were all exhausted after the long flight and wanted to reach home as quickly as possible. As we started collecting our luggage, we noticed that there was a commotion at the other end of the airport. This section of the departure lounge was full of passengers who had disembarked from international flights. We collected our luggage and were about to head out when we were stopped by security guards. One of the guards checked our passports and asked us to follow him. We went with him and found ourselves joining the queue of people who had come from abroad. The guard explained to us that we would be quarantined like the other passengers and tests would be conducted for Coronavirus. We could only leave the airport if the test results were negative. We were whisked away to a segregated segment of the airport and kept in isolation. After a few hours, swabs were collected from our nose and throat and sent to a laboratory for analysis. We were told that it would take 24-72 hours for the results to come back.

I had already hit the panic button and started praying for my family. My husband told me to be strong but I was more concerned for my child than anyone else. I remembered that a cousin had sent an online prayer request and was able to tide over a crisis at a crucial period in her life. I shared my thoughts with my husband who readily agreed o send an online prayer request to a church in the Holy Land and seek His blessings. When we received an email with the photographs and video of our prayer request against coronavirus, we felt a surge of relief. Although we waited anxiously for the results, our turbulent mind was calm.

The test results came back after three days. All three of us had tested negative and the authorities told us that we were free to go home. We hugged each other and tears of joy flowed down my cheeks. The Lord had answered our prayers and blessed us with His divine touch. In my heart, I knew the power of an online prayer request and how it can show us the path in the most trying times.

What is St. Joseph’s Day?

What is St. Joseph’s Day?

If you religiously wear red on St. Joseph’s Day or simply tuck into the grand feast laid out to celebrate the day, you may have also wondered about the history, significance, and traditions associated with this particular date. You attend mass to commemorate the occasion yet your heart wants to know more about the little-known facts about St. Joseph’s Day or interesting nuggets of information that have surfaced over time. Read on to find out more about the day and what makes it an important date on the calendar. For those of you who are unable to attend mass due to frail health or personal reasons, a prayer request can bring you a step closer to the Lord and strengthen your soul. A prayer request will enable you to be a part of the celebration in spirit without having to find the time or gather the resources required to travel anywhere. 

Who is St. Joseph?

St. Joseph’s name appeared for the first time in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew. He was a carpenter by trade, the husband of the Virgin Mary, and the foster-father of Jesus Christ. He is a biblical figure whose lineage can be traced back to King David. The Bible states that Joseph was born in circa 100 BCE and died in circa 1 AD in Israel. Although he finds mention in the Bible, the 13 New Testament books written by Paul in the form of epistles do not even make a fleeting reference to him. Also, the first of the Gospels, the Gospel of Mark, does not mention his name.

The exact date and circumstances of the death of St. Joseph are not known. It is believed that he died before Christ’s ministry began. Joseph was declared the patron of the universal Church by Pope Pius IX in 1870. Pope Pius XII declared May 1 as the Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker in 1955.

The veneration of St. Joseph can be traced back to the 9th century. Nutritor Domini was an early title associated with him; it was to pay tribute and honor him as the Guardian of the Lord. His name finds a place in the Feast of the Holy Family, approximately on December 30 as well as the Christmas story.

When is St. Joseph’s Day Celebrated?

Traditionally, St. Joseph’s Day is celebrated two days after St. Patrick’s Day, i.e. March 19. It is celebrated by the Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church, and the Anglican Community. The Western calendars had accepted and marked the date in the 10th century. Studies show that St. Joseph’s Day had been accepted in Rome way back in 1479 and in 1621, it was added to the General Roman Calendar.

Why is it Celebrated?

St. Joseph’s Day is celebrated to honor the Patron Saint of Workers or San Giuseppe with plenty of food. But when we talk of food, we are referring to certain types of food that denote deep symbolic importance as well as small but significant gestures that promise to bring good luck. St. Joseph is revered as he brought relief to the peasants of Sicily during a severe drought on the island in the Middle Ages. The peasants prayed to the Lord through St. Joseph asking for rain so that they could survive and promised that if the harsh drought came to an end, they would hold an annual feast to honor the Lord and St. Joseph.

The food items served during the feast are blessed by a priest. There are two feast days to commemorate St. Joseph. The first date is March 19 that falls during the season of Lent; it marks the Solemnity of St. Joseph. The other one falls on May 1 to mark the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker.

Customs Embedded in Tradition

People attend mass and gather for a big feast as St. Joseph’s Day commemorates how the revered saint saved and helped the Sicilians to survive a severe famine during the Middle Ages. The Almighty answered the prayers of the people through St. Joseph’s intercessions. Hence people wear the color red in honor of the patron saint. A huge altar is prepared and decorated with flowers and food. The altar is also known as St. Joseph’s Table or La Tavola Di San Giuseppe. The food is contributed by everyone; the table is laid out with pasta and breadcrumbs, meatless foods, minestrone, seafood, and other delicacies. The breadcrumbs denote sawdust as St. Joseph was a carpenter. Fava beans must be included as it is considered to be lucky as it was the only crop that survived the harsh drought while all the other crops died. It is widely believed that if one carries a dried fava bean with him/her, the person is blessed with good fortune and will never be without money.



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