Online prayer request

Prayer is a powerful way to connect with God. Prayers help us create a bridge between human and the divine. This bridge can be built at anytime of our lives. It can be a way to help us seek blessings, guidance or personal transformation. Prayer is an essential component of Christian life. We are instructed by the Bible to pray for ourselves and our neighbors. Our online prayer request service allows you to send a prayer to a Salvation Garden messenger in the Holy Land. From there, we will hand-deliver your prayer to the holy site of your choosing. You can make an online prayer request for yourself or others. It can be for a person that is in need of extra love and strength in their lives. After your prayer request is delivered, you will receive a personalized digital confirmation of your prayer.

Why send a prayer online?

We believe that the world can be made better through the power of prayer. But we also know that life is filled with high times and low times, even in your spiritual life. Sometime we feel like we cannot pray for ourself. The reasons change with time and each person, but everyone can use spiritual help at some point in their life. Our online prayer request service is there to help you feel closer to God, and perhaps a little less alone.

How do online prayer requests work?

Sending a prayer online is really very simple! When you fill out the prayer request form, you begin by letting us know who the prayer is for.  It can be specific by providing a name, or you can just define their relationship to you – for example, “my family” or “a friend and colleague”. You then write your own prayer and choose your preferred holy site. You can choose to send a prayer to any one of the following sites in the Holy Land:

  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
  • Abbey of the Dormition, Jerusalem
  • The Garden Tomb, Jerusalem
  • Church of All Nations Gethsemane, Jerusalem
  • St. Peter’s Church, Jaffa

What kind of prayers can I send?

Your online prayer request can address any need that you or your loved ones may have in that moment. Praying is about your connection with God and drawing closer to Him in all areas of life. Through prayer, you can bring light to darkness and transform your relationship with God, the Church, and those all around you. Most importantly, prayer allows you to transform the relationship that you have with yourself.

The goal of the Salvation Garden is to help Christians all over the world improve their relationship with God through prayer. Our online prayer request system gives you direct access to the holy sites of worship in Jerusalem. It allows you to send a prayer to be physically placed in these sites of worship in the Holy Land. These Holy Land prayers will help bring strength, light, and the grace of God back into your life, and the into the lives of those for whom you choose to pray. Consider sending an online prayer request today to empower the light of God within yourself and others. 

Let the Salvation Garden share in your prayers!