While most people associate prayer with asking God for blessings and other good things – which can certainly be a big part of prayer – a prayer is simply a form of communication with God or the saints. We can use prayer to talk to God just as we would talk to our family and friends. Just like our conversations with those around us may change depending on our goals, needs or moods, so too may our prayer types change. Prayers of petition (where we ask God or the saints for things we need) are among the most common, there are also prayers of worship, prayers of thanksgiving, or prayers of praise.

Just as there are many different types of prayer, there are also different ways to pray. Some may prefer to pray at Church, while others find themselves setting aside time at home for prayer and reflection, or maintaining a constant line of communication with God throughout the day. Thanks to modern technology, it’s even possible to , if we need help connecting with God or praying on behalf of others. Through online prayer requests, we can ask for prayers for healing and the sick, strength, encouragement, or for the sick.