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"Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another,
that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has
great power as it is working."

James 5:16, ESV

Praying for the needs of others is a noble deed. Do remember to click on the I prayed for this button. The requestors would love to know how many times their prayers have been echoed.

If you wish to share your prayer on this wall, please submit your online prayer request here. Our dedicated team at The Salvation Garden is at your service. We collect your prayers and assist you in sending them to God from The Holy Land.

I thank You, Lord, for giving me the chance to pray for my marriage. In times like these, I choose to surrender my married life to You. I have been through tough times with my spouse and I pray for peace and unity that comes from You to wrap us as we face troubles in our marriage. May we live according to Your plan that we may keep the love and peace in our marriage as You have loved us. I pray that you guide and lead us to be faithful to You as we learn to become faithful to each other.

I pray dear God that you give us the strength to follow your will and break all generational curses for the sake of our marriage and our kids. Remove all distractions and motivations that are not aligned with your holy intentions. Protect our marriage, our immediate and extended family.

May Your name be glorified in our marriage, Amen.
March 29, 2022 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
please pray for my son matthew koustas to be free from mental illness either buy the right meds or a miracle.lisa
March 29, 2022 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
Please pray the God for the health of my mother Stojanka. She has to have a surgery and she has worked hard since she was 18 to provide for me and my sister. She deserves to live and enjoy her pension. Please God save my mother, please God let her live another 20 years.
March 28, 2022 Prayed for 4 times. I prayed for this
Heavenly Father, please forgive me for all my sins both seen and unseen, before I had acknowledge as my Lord and Savior. Please grant me the strength to over come my daily struggles and distractions both physically and financially. Lord I want to thank you for all your blessings that you have bestowed upon our business and for keeping the doors open daily and to removes all forms of evil and obstacles in our lives and that stand in the way of our business its growth and success. Please bless all of our customers and multiply our daily sales, guide and direct us on how to use our daily sales/provision for the glory of your name . Lord I ask you to bless my sister and I with good health and draw us closer to you dear Lord by placing our focus more on you and less on the things of this world and keep us close under the wings of your outstretched. Lord I wish to thank for giving me the strength daily to worship you and courage to read your word and the wisdom to understand it. Father what I have failed to confess and ask for please don't fail to forgive me or to grant my request. These things I place in the hands of our Lord and Savior. Amen
March 28, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Rosemary Galardi
Lord, I need Your hand on the structured settlement and what to do.
Lord, also, if it is Your time for me to move from this home, make very clear to me the home You chose for me to go to. Jesus, I need Your will and Your way...Not mine. Help me to hear from You clearly.
In Jesus name Amen
March 28, 2022 Prayed for 0 times. I prayed for this
Dear God,

I humbly bring myself before you in prayer, God I don't know what to pray so I bring my heart to you, my soul, spirit, and life, please let you will be done God, I belong to you father and I ask it in your name that the years that have stolen, the love and opportunities that have been stolen may the same be return by your grace my father, my God almighty may it be returned. Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen

Please, father, God keep us safe and protected, Please keep my children safe, and may you overcome and bless our household, keep us safe father and allow love, kindness, and a beautiful life father God in the name of Jesus Christ, God I forgive all those who have trespassed against me and I ask you to please allow the same forgiveness for the hurt I have brought onto others God please I need you father God and I love you, Love your daughter Carla-Anne Nel . In the name of Jesus Christ, it is done, In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen , Amen and Amen
March 28, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Dear Lord I am asking for your holiness, your righteousness and your justice in my family's lives. Let all of them come to you with an open heart. And an open mind. Open our minds to your word help each one to follow you, in a new way starting today. Make Adam and Daniel see your truth in their lives. Make them live a life of sobriety.
Help them to leave the past addiction behind and follow you. Without backsliding. Thank you Lord Jesus. Our Faithful GOD.
March 27, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Athena Burton
Please Lord, put your hand on the life of Bryan Griffith. Give him peace, renew his life. Create in him a new heart and mind for the love of God and his creation. Please keep him steady and wise in his decisions, lead him away from temptation, allow him to come to you with repentance and forgiveness. Give him strength to continue fighting the good fight for good and do not let evil overcome him. Make him flee from the use of over the counter drugs and find a life in sobriety. Let him succeed in his endeavors through and with you. Make him strong and brave to battle his suffering with your armor of love, belt of truth, and shoes of peace. Put people in his life that will give him the ability to seek you God. Show him your face and change his path. Amen
March 27, 2022 Prayed for 5 times. I prayed for this
Holy Father, I would humbly ask in the name of your Son Jesus for my husband to be blessed with work and income. Also for myself that I may continue to drive my vehicle immediately after April 14th so that I may maintain care for my daughter and my place of business. I would pray that you continue to bless me in good health so I may continue serving my community. I pray for your mercy and blessing for my family and continue to keep me strong, healthy, and sober. Keep my daughter safe and surrounded in your loving protection. In the glorious name of Jesus Christ. Amen!
March 27, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Marlon Bristol Jr
Pray for my high blood pressure, anxiety, paranoia, and overthinking. I am only 22. This has caused me to fall into depression. Pray that Jesus may grant me peace and joy. Thank you, God Bless.
March 27, 2022 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
For God's salvation and protection from Satanic attacks & God's healing
March 26, 2022 Prayed for 5 times. I prayed for this
Jean A Wysocki
Dear Lord, if it be your will, I ask for healing of my Sister Cookie. Please give her strength and comfort and healing of this cancer. Amen
March 26, 2022 Prayed for 5 times. I prayed for this
I asked to be healed of my Depression and Suicide thoughts, I pray for happiness, with my partner, Marina and we will be brought together as she lives in a different country.
I have been suffering for a long time and feel so alone. Please pray for happiness in my life and relationship, and that I am kept safe.

March 26, 2022 Prayed for 7 times. I prayed for this
My prayer is for God to release me release my blessings my breakthrough
Deliver me from this homeless situation
Cleared from this bankruptcy
Financial control stay on track with it continually
Tithes and offerings in place including a church home to Grow and serve
Loving spouse, blissful relationship
Wonderful retirement
Wisdom to sow, Grow my wealth that God is releasing to me
Forever gratitude to God and his universe
In the name of Jesus Christ
March 25, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Please, pray for my son. For God to heal him from Epileptic attack 🙏.
Oh Lord, grant my son Mercy for his upcoming court case 🙏.
Father Lord Almighty, deliver my family from every addictions and strong hold of the enemies.
Oh Lord, let me find peace in my children and make useful to serve you and the society.
Thank you Jesus for all your protection. In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen 🙏
March 25, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
maria khoury
please pray for me my name is MARIA i have a problem with my Blood Platelets please pray for me for fast recovery i believe in the power of prayer they are the breath of life Peace on Earth AMEn
March 25, 2022 Prayed for 4 times. I prayed for this
Dear Lord, Father God,

I love you, I trust you, I need you. Thank you for everything you have done for me all of my life. I am forever thankful and grateful for where I am today. I pray that my MRI reveals good news. I pray that I will be given good news and thay there is nothing life threatening. May Dr. heyt have only positive feedback. Please bless my fiancee Mark Wellner and I to live a long and happy, healthy life together. I pray that I can love him for years to come and give him back everything he has given to me and so many. May you also bless my grandmother Mary Terzakos who has so much faith and is praying for me. May she come home from rehab soon and be reunited with her family. I also pray for Agrifina Nepomuceno and her daughter Hannah. She is praying for me as well. Please bless her and keep her in your good graces. Dear God please work your miracles and turn this situation around for the better. I beg of you dear Lord. Please bless my body and let this be an MRI that shows a normal result. I pray lord.

In the name of the father, son, and holy spirit!

March 25, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Tiffany Moore
Prayer for Protection , salvation and deliverance from drugs and alcohol and violence for my daughter Sakeethia Lowry and for peace and love in her heart into her life. Also pray for her to get her life straightened back up to get her children back . Pray for the Pending charges will be dropped and the true perpetrator will be revealed without bringing harm to my daughter.
March 25, 2022 Prayed for 1 times. I prayed for this
Walter Adams
My wife says she doesn’t love me and wants a divorce. I have never cheated on her, have never even looked at another woman. I don’t go out. I provide for her and my son. Please pray for my wife to change her mind. Please pray that my wife finds her love for me again. Her name is Svetlana Adams
March 25, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Dear Mother,
You know my deep desire for a child
A little one to love and to hold,
to care for, to cherish.
Grant that my body may conceive and
give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby
in Your holy image.
Guide me in all my choices
so that this conception, my pregnancy,
and my baby’s birth
are in line with Your will.
Heavenly Father and Holy Mother,
hear this prayer of my
heart, mind, and spirit.
I pray with all my heart and soul that I may be blessed with a beautiful healthy baby at what is considered of old age these days.
I pray that in these difficult circumstances I may be blessed with a miracle , to heal the ache and pain and heaviness in my heart to be replaced with light and love and enlightenment from my true God .
I pray with all my heart that I may be chosen to receive this blessing and continue to dwell into you my God . I pray that I may be able to conceive a healthy child and hold the light that a blessing may be given upon me .
With all my prays , I pray for peace and light upon this world too . I pray wholeheartedly that I can bear a healthy child within the next few months as I have been given very little time for any possibility that I can conceive, fall pregnant and carry the baby whole term. I pray for a safe full term healthy pregnancy.
I Give thanks my God , I glorify you and praise you for all my blessings for the past and what is to become . A pray for this one miracle , a beautiful healthy child my God .
Helen Valantis
March 24, 2022 Prayed for 4 times. I prayed for this
O lord my jesus my amma special prayers for Arjun.Please ask.him to change his mind. You know everything my lord. I love my Arjun so much. He is my life. I know he also loves me but keeping everything in his mind. Please ask him to come meet me before he goes only few days left. I want him to talk to me from his heart. Please ask him me. Even he goes after his marriage Please ask him to see me as a more than a close friend which he can share anything and everything. I want to spend sometime with him before he goes to hug him cry and spill all my sadness feelings kiss him hold his hands everything. Nothing is impossible for you my lord..please hear my humble prayers. Please ask him to talk to me and take off his silence. Please ask him to talk to me message me everyday if not once a week. I want to be like so close more than friends till the end of this life and if there is  a life after please make us live together. Please ask him not to block me anymore for any reason. Please make him miss me ask him to initiate message talk and ask him to see me next week before i go . Please ask him to break his silence. Please show to him my paining heart show him my lord show him it hurts.please show him how much i love him. Please make him realise that i love him so much do true pure from the bottom of my heart. I know you are with me my Jesus. Everything is possible with you. Amma please ask my jesus to be with me forever .Help me from this. I'm so depressed because of this.  Ask my Arjun to give me some comfort. His silence is killing me. Please solve my problem. Please ask my Arjun to see me as more close to open up his feelings and everything just like what i do. Please ask him not to avoid me it hurts. Please ask him to call me and talk to me next week. Please help us to see each other next week .please help me to calm my mind give me strength to accept the truths. Please ask him not to  leave me alone. Please remove if any hatred he has on me from his mind.In jesus name we pray. Amen
March 24, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Please pray for the salvation of my children and grandchildren and May god protect them always I am praying for my own house and for my sisters brother friend’s nieces and nephews thank u and for my daughter who is having a baby soon for a safe delivery
March 24, 2022 Prayed for 5 times. I prayed for this
For Ron Reinhart diagnosed with cancer.
March 24, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Adrian Teo
I want to pray for my beloved Fiancee Josephine Lim to come back to my life. We have gone through so much together these past 10 years and we were supposed to be married. However, due to constant minor arguments with her family side who is a non believer, there are strong opposition with regards to praying to pagan idols from her family side even though she has followed me to know our Lord it builds up to the level where she was influenced by her family and caught in between where she decided to leave me and I know she doesn't want it. I hope God will bring up back together. Nothing can separate us both, No evil forces will be able to break up both and we will be able to be happily married as soon as possible because we are both not so young at age anymore and I would love to bring my whole family to be able to serve our Lord God. The God of Moses Elijah and Joseph. Help me God. I need her back. Please remove all her pain and confusions and know that I love her so much. I pray for reconciliation and restoration. I pray for an Urgent Miracle as time is not so much in our favour now due to these constant delays and External disruptions and disagreements. Please help us.
March 24, 2022 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
Crystal Ibuado
God, I pray before You today for the strength and healing that comes from You. Please heal my grandma Librada, my Mama Lala. Please place your healing hands over her head and her body and cure her of her injuries. Please awake her from her sleep and bless my Grandpa Patricio and give him the strength he needs during these hard times. Dear Lord keep the family strong in making the best decisions for Librada as she heals. In your Holy name we pray Amen.
March 23, 2022 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
My husband has stage 4 lung cancer and under going treatment. Please pray that this last treatment available to him will heal him, shrink his tumors to oblivion and have all symptoms of cancer disappear. I pray that we will have many more physically heathy years together.
March 23, 2022 Prayed for 7 times. I prayed for this
Praying for my ministry to thrive - my church Deity ministry to thrive to buy more real estate - and new house or apt building - pay off my car - really pay off all my bills in Jesus name and ensure my baby college is paid for the next for years in the name of Jesus
March 23, 2022 Prayed for 1 times. I prayed for this
Brian ewe lye kwong
Protection for my siblings family and Jesslynn yap chin chi. Financial breakthrough. Thank you Lord. Holy spirit Lead me and guide me, teach me and show me. protect me at my working place. Dreams and visions Alive. Washed me and i will be clean. Renew my mind and restore my soul. Thank you Lord Jesus. Blessed be the name of Lord Jesus. Amen
March 23, 2022 Prayed for 1 times. I prayed for this
Dear Lord, Please help to heal William Benec (age 2). He is at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, suffering from a brain tumour. Please use your almighty power to place your healing hands upon William . Please help William to start on the road to a full recovery. In Jesus’s name I pray. Amen
March 23, 2022 Prayed for 4 times. I prayed for this
Dear Lord,
Please stop our divorce Heavenly Father. Please come into my husband’s heart to turn him around, to let my son and me to move back into our matrimonial home. Heal our marriage so there is only love. Lord I ask you for forgiveness for all sins that I have committed. Lord, please heal our son Ali from COVID. Give us our purpose and let us become a couple in you. Father, I beseech you to save our marriage and to keep my husband's family from influencing him. Let us serve you.
March 22, 2022 Prayed for 6 times. I prayed for this
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