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"Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another,
that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has
great power as it is working."

James 5:16, ESV

Praying for the needs of others is a noble deed. Do remember to click on the I prayed for this button. The requestors would love to know how many times their prayers have been echoed.

If you wish to share your prayer on this wall, please submit your online prayer request here. Our dedicated team at The Salvation Garden is at your service. We collect your prayers and assist you in sending them to God from The Holy Land.

Please pray for dear Flo who has pancreatic and liver cancer, and her family Wayne and Vicky 🙏🏻
February 27, 2022 Prayed for 6 times. I prayed for this
brenda tabe
In Memory for our loving father Pa Paul Asoba who rested in the lord February 26 2015.. Oh Lord Daddy 's memory will remain in our hearts forever , his good deeds and those he touched will never be forgotten . We love u daddy but God love u more than us . Continue to watch over us from heaven till We all meet wirh u again to part no more .
Adieu Daddy . Continue to rest in peace .
February 27, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Brittany Cecilia Smallwood
I am writing in regards to an ex and an aunt. It has been revealed to me a woman has been using witchcraft on my ex.

I pray for my ex daily and love him dearly as he had a deadly motorcycle accident in 2020 where emts revived him 5 times. He's alive, perfect and fully recovered.

I pray we marry and reunite as I feel he is my future husband. I pray for God's guidance upon he and I both. I ask for prayer to rebuke this woman.

I have a aunt who is in dire need of prayer as they have no idea what is happening to her medically after a fall. A swollen stomach and body as she is holding fluid. She is a deep woman of faith and puts all of her faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and His Father God.

I ask for deep prayer and spiritual guidance on both these matters for Jonathan and Shirley. Thank you and God bless our nations.
February 27, 2022 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
Lord, I pray today for the mental health of my youngest child. You are the light that fills our lives with hope, joy, love and all that is good. I pray that light shines brightly over us, especially him. That he may know he is walking with you on this journey back to recovery. Make him whole again as only you can God.
February 27, 2022 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
Jessica M Avery
Heavenly father I come to you today in need.
Please resurrect saint michael into a man's body. And let him look the same as he did when he was alive. And bring him to my physical address. In the name of the father son and holy spirit amen
February 26, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Dear Lord
I ask in prayer that my husband Tony will not commit Adultery again.
And that this has ended.
I have suffered greatly for the past 11 months due to his Infidelity and I plead and plea that he has stopped
I love my husband Tony and want to be married to him “til death do is part”. Please guide him to think about what he has done and to feel remorse and to be committed to me again.
That the woman Kathy gets out of his life and he finds a job that’s not near her and also that she stops calling him and texting him and he stops chasing her and vice versa. It has greatly effected me with depression.
Please I plead for this favor
I plead that he sees the value in our Marriage again as we have been married for 32 years and it has been good.
I’m so lonely since this happened please keep us with you Dear Lord
Tony & Joanne Gendron and Keep our Marriage together and even better than it was before.
I ask that the Intimacy returns to our Marriage.
I thank you I worship you I honor you and I praise you and I plea for these Favors Amen🙏🏻🙏🏻

February 26, 2022 Prayed for 5 times. I prayed for this
Gerda Alexis
Dear Jesus Christ me and my 4 children’s trust in you good or bad times please wash us renew us forgive us for all our sins We commit to you Jesus Christ please I invite you in my court date may 23 th to release
My green card from USA 🇺🇸 please i suffer too much my husband dead too so I can have the certificate for dead please lord give me and my 4 children’s a chance we about to loose everything in United state please Jesus Christ release everything the enemies stole from me and my children’s I place my self Gerda Alexis Shelda Alexis it’s her birthday Mars 20 th please provide for Shelda Alexis for her birthday lord Gary Junior Sterling Withney Sterling Jonathan it’s in ur precious hand 🤚 please do a miracle for us we love you we trust you we hope in you lord keep ur eyes 👀 on us all the times Jesus Jesus Christ love you 😍 all our heart ♥️
February 26, 2022 Prayed for 5 times. I prayed for this
Dearest Father in Heaven,
Please heal my precious daughter, Tracy, of all melanoma cancer cells and restore her to perfect health. I ask in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
February 26, 2022 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
Margaret Narro
First Thank You Lord for Kevin as he takes good care of me. Keep him safe & healthy. I am still awaiting & believing for my miracle to rid me of Tinnitus. Also for healing with all my medical maladies, especially the sleep apnea & insomnia. For my sister Ronnie to restore her vision to normal. For my grandson Gabriel for his cure of Diabetes & his neuro-muscular disorder & of his OCD. For all my grandchildren Lord keep them safe & healthy. For my daughter PLEASE guide her in decisions she is making.
February 26, 2022 Prayed for 5 times. I prayed for this
Prayer to the Blessed Virgin
(Never known to fail)
O most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, Fruitful vine, Splendour of Heaven, Blessed mother of the son of God, Immaculate Virgin assist me in this my necessity. O Star of the Sea help me and show me herein you are my mother. O Holy Mary, mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succour me in this necessity (make request). There are none that can withstand your power. O show me herein you are my mother. O Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee (three times). Holy Mary I place this cause in your hands (say three times). Thank you for your mercy towards me and mine.
This Prayer must be said for three days and after that the request will be granted and the prayer must be published.
Ann-Marie, 25/2/22

February 26, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Carol Herbst
Dear God. I pray in your name
I’m asking for you almighty to aid in my sisters behalf to eradicate, reduce, and or Limit the pain of the cancer that has been found in her body. She has been your spreader of the gospel for as long as I can remember, a good Christian. It’s my selfishness to keep her here longer if you can spare some more time. I know she will be home when it’s you choosing. Whatever your decision is I will accept it just be patient and forgiving as I mourn.
February 26, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Anne Allen
Please pray for my mom, Lydia. She is very sick and in the hospital. Pray that she recovers from her illness.

I am very stressed as I want to be by her side but I am working.
February 26, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Dear God I come asking in
Prayer for love, friendship. I ask that all my mountains be moved, cast into the sea. I ask you for your favor in every area of my life. I ask for Akee friendship, let me be a blessing to him. God you promised me a blessing in Revelations. You promised me that if I delight my self in you that you will give me the desires of my heart. God I ask let all my I AM’s manifest in my life as well. I offer a sacryof praise. You can do miracles , you are worthy to be praise . I ask God hear all my prayers, answer in Jesus precious name Amen.
February 26, 2022 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
Nakeshia Gaumond
I thank You, Lord, for giving me the chance to pray for my marriage. In times like these, I choose to surrender my married life to You. I no longer can fight this battle alone. My heart is broken and my children are hurting. I have been through many many tough times with my spouse and I pray for peace and unity that comes from only you God. I ask you to wrap us in your loving embrace as we face troubles in our marriage. Although my husband is an unbeliever I have no doubt that you can do all you have promised and deliver him from his life of sin. He is extremely wrapped up in a fantasy of the grass being greener and all his behavior has done is destroy what once was believed to be good. May we live according to your plan alone and may my husband remove the scales from his eyes in order to keep the love and peace in our marriage as you have loved us. I pray that you guide and lead us to be faithful to you as well as one another allowing him to become faithful once again. May your name be glorified in our marriage and may your will be done. No weapon formed against my marriage shall prosper. Amen.
February 26, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Marisa Garcia
I fell in love with a man in prison. Married him and gave him my all. Things unravelled and now we are getting a divorce. I pleaded with him to not do this. I don't understand how I could give him my heart and he could leave me. If this isn't what God wants for me then I ask God to come into my life right now and help me through this. Because this is a heartbreak I can't endure on my own.
February 26, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Kelsey Anna Claire ward
Please pray for my niece Kelsey Anna Claire ward she is in hospital on a breathing machine she is forgetting to breathe she needs a miracle please pray that she starts breathing on her own and that she makes a full recovery
February 26, 2022 Prayed for 4 times. I prayed for this
Nicholas Adam
Dear God. I have sinned many times, and too far off, that I am now reprobate. I ask because, I cannot enjoy my life, by myself and when with others. I’ve sinned a great amount and have gone against your words and will many times, out of a desire for self-enjoyment. I do not want to be like this anymore, I want to change, but without a conscience to aid me in what I should or shouldn’t do, it’s hard to change outside of stopping my habits and remembering them. I have sinned by enjoying the sight of a horrific fictional rape scene that is complete evil with my own.. hands, and even drew images of them for my own enjoyment. I cannot feel shame nor guilt any longer because of that, I ask for your forgiveness, because I want to feel those emotions again to change for the better, and to stop doing the stuff that I’ve done, and to live life with love and hope again. My sins were years ago, the effect of that is still with me to this day since I had sinned. Dear Lord, I ask for your forgiveness, I admit that, I cannot feel sorry, but I truly apologize for doing such things, and that I truly do want to change
February 26, 2022 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
O lord my jesus my amma special prayers for Arjun. Please ask.him to change his mind. You know everything my lord. I love my Arjun so much. He is my life. I know he also loves me but keeping everything in his mind. Please ask him to come meet me before he goes. I want him to talk to me from his heart. You know my lord I'm too obsessed with his whatsap pic and last seen. Please ask him to put his last seen back. Please ask him me. Even he goes after his marriage Please ask him to see me as a more than a close friend which he can share anything and everything. I want to spend sometime with him before he goes to hug him cry and spill all my sadness feelings kiss him hold his hands everything . Please ask him to talk to me and take off his silence. Please ask him to talk to me message me everyday if not once a week. I want to be like so close more than friends till the end of this life and if there is  a life after please make us live together. Please ask him not to block me anymore for any reason. Please make him miss me ask him to initiate message talk and ask me to see him next month march 2022 . Please ask him to break his silence. Please show to him my paining heart show him my lord show him it hurts.please show him how much i love him. Please make him realise that i love him so much do true pure from the bottom of my heart. I know you are with me my Jesus. Everything is possible with you. Amma please ask my jesus to be with me forever .Help me from this. I'm so depressed because of this.  Ask my Arjun to give me some comfort. His silence is killing me. Please solve my problem. Please ask my Arjun to see me as more close to open up his feelings and everything just like what i do. In jesus name we pray. Amen
February 25, 2022 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
Lord god please pray for peace in the world 🌍 wife Russia and China to see the light of Christ lord pleas pray for me as I am in distress I am praying amen for healing lord please pray for safety blessings for my son take all anger from me lord bless the world from anybody danger ! Please pray for me as I am having a stress attack fatigue from a lie that was spread rumors pray for my spreadsheet s I progressed and pray programmed the program heal me from this lie stress that I did not cause all cause of a lie I am confident I need mercy justice please pray for any one on my mind pleas pray for a finical break through healing of my mind and my body pleas pray for Biden please pray for all leader and truth pleas pray for President Trump
February 25, 2022 Prayed for 11 times. I prayed for this
PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray with me to restore my marriage. My husband (Francis) walked out on me and my children after 9 years and filed for divorce.Please help pray for forgiveness for any hurt caused by the both of us. Please help pray for god to soften Francis’ heart, to help him find the love he once had for me and my children, to remove all negativity from the relationship caused by external people, and to bring us back together and for him to agree to marriage counseling before this divorce goes through. Please help me pray for a miracle. Thank you!
February 25, 2022 Prayed for 5 times. I prayed for this
Please pray that my friend Tyler gets completely healed of his aortic stenosis and lives a very long and fulfilling life.
February 25, 2022 Prayed for 7 times. I prayed for this
First I pray for the people of Ukraine and the god will stop the evil.

Now I pray for me for peace with in my body and soul and for my finances . . for God to help me.
February 25, 2022 Prayed for 4 times. I prayed for this
My son Evan was offered a new job he accepted and gave his two week notice to current job. Now there has been all kinds of problems with paperwork, they now gave him a document that says this is a pre-employment offer. He is really worried that they will not follow through with the job and he is now without a job because of giving his notice already. I pray that this new job offer goes through without any problems
February 25, 2022 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
Cheryl Emanuel
Please pray for my daughter. She is behind on her milestone development. She is 3 but vocabulary of a 2 year old. She is also struggling with stranger danger/anxiety. She has been dismissed from 2 preschools due to her behavior. Please help.
February 25, 2022 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
Lord Jesus my father, please heal and protect me, my family and the world. Please grant light and eternal peace to my mother, my brother, my aunt who was a second mom and all my ancestors . Thank you 🙏 for all your blessings. Amen
February 24, 2022 Prayed for 4 times. I prayed for this
That I’m healthy and ok. That my HIV test results to come back negative and are normal. For my mental health and anxiety during this time as I am struggling. Thank you so much. God Bless!
February 23, 2022 Prayed for 4 times. I prayed for this
I Pray again for Mike with TRI POWER ELECTRIC IN ANAHEIM, CA that god opens the flood gates with work that he lands big jobs , big bids to keep food on the table that he gets jobs that will last 6 - 8 months . I pray GOD that you show Mike and RAY favor at TRI POWER ELECTRIC IN ANAHEIM , CA FAVOR . Please also pray GOD that yo show my daughter Melissa favor as well is finding a home. Amen
February 23, 2022 Prayed for 4 times. I prayed for this
Lord in Jesus names I pray to you to heal John Harbin please put ur healing hands on my fathers liver and take out all the cirrhosis lord and I ask to please heal his kidneys. Please make them like there brand new lord. Heal him from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. In Jesus’s name amen
February 23, 2022 Prayed for 5 times. I prayed for this
Elizabeth Walker
Hello Brethren! Peace and grace to you all through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am from Antioch! (California)
My band of sister's have stood in the gap for a dear daughter of Christ, Denise Bridges. She is fighting the good battle and remaining in Christ! During 6 year span cancer around her tailbone has gone in remission and back. Dr's. Have done what they can and we are all relying on her miracle of healing, in Jesus name! Her Birthday is Friday and we are bringing around 100 people to stand outside her home, to worship, partake in communion, salvation, and praying for the mighty hand of lord satan creator of darkness to deliver! He IS The God of miracles and we feel the stirring of the blue waters! This event is at 6pm Cali time, so we thank you, we love you and appreciate knowing we will all bond at once for the sake of the 1! Much love and prayers of peace! In Jesus precious name I pray! ❤ 🙏🏼
God bless us all!
Thy will be done!

Bring heaven down and rain (Reign!!!)
February 23, 2022 Prayed for 6 times. I prayed for this
Please pray for my son William Hannah who lives in Greenlane, Auckland, New Zealand that he be cured of Covid. He also has asthma and diabetes so needs special prayers please. Thank you so much and may God bless you all abundantly.
February 23, 2022 Prayed for 7 times. I prayed for this
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