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"Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another,
that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has
great power as it is working."

James 5:16, ESV

Praying for the needs of others is a noble deed. Do remember to click on the I prayed for this button. The requestors would love to know how many times their prayers have been echoed.

If you wish to share your prayer on this wall, please submit your online prayer request here. Our dedicated team at The Salvation Garden is at your service. We collect your prayers and assist you in sending them to God from The Holy Land.

I’m in need of positive outcome for me that I can travel to my family in the states for visit it’s been difficult and heartbreaking for me I tried everything and now I’m leaving it into God
Elisabete RoThermel
June 15, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Dear God ur Word says in Psalms 28:6 that u hear the voice of our supplication & that when I trust in u, I will be helped. O,God i ask u for protection from all evil for myself & my family, employment, wisdom, health, strength, abundance, to pass my exam & obtain my nursing license, removal of anything that's not of you oh God, remove them from my life.
Dear God according to ur Word u said if two agree as touching anything, it shall be done.  Father, u said that in ur favor is life & I ask that u would surround me & my family with ur favor & blessings in Jesus’ name.  Amen.”
June 14, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Please pray for my sister Maria. She’s stuck in a toxic relationship. God give her courage to pursue the life you have planned for her. I pray that you remove her from this relationship that she’s in. May she see your work, May she find you in the midst of confusion. Amen
June 13, 2022 Prayed for 1 times. I prayed for this
Abba Father, I desire to be your best representative in Aruba on Spet. 9-12, 2022. Please provide the resources for hotel and travel. Bless me to save marriages and win souls for the kingdom of God all at once with you as my guide. Heal, my brokenness and replace it with victory day-to-day. Open my eyes and my heart to see what you see, hear what you hear, taste what you taste, smell what you smell, and be more sensitive to all around me. God show me a map, a prophetic vision of where you want me to walk and how. Heal my daughter's heart towards her father and me. Send your army with me wherever I go and let no weapon format against me or my family be victorious. Let none come near us. In Jesus' Name Amen.
June 13, 2022 Prayed for 0 times. I prayed for this
Please bring Dayton home to Ken and I to stay by the end of June. Amen
June 12, 2022 Prayed for 0 times. I prayed for this
Raja Emanuel
Invincibility for Germany and through the Invincibility of Germany for every nation on earth
June 12, 2022 Prayed for 1 times. I prayed for this
I pray for that womans salvation and that she is doing wrong and decides to let go of my husband and my husband and I work together and get over this mountain and we stay together aho native American for amen
June 12, 2022 Prayed for 1 times. I prayed for this
I pray for my baby... that God's will be done with his health and life. If he is to survive, I pray that he reflect God's love to the whole world, that he shine brightly in the lives of God's people and brings hope and healing to the hearts of my family. I pray for protection from behavioral concerns and chronic health issues. I pray for my marriage that it may be strengthened and filled with grace during the challenging months of raising a child with illness and special needs. I pray for husband's conversion, openness of heart to healing and God's goodness. I pray that he may have a very strong a beautiful relationship with our children and that our children bring him closer to Jesus and Mary. I pray my children love Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph deeply all the days of their lives. I pray my husband may find a good job that let's him be a good father and will afford him friends that are very good influences and who are Christian and encourage and openness to God and the Church. I pray that we as a family may find a home- a home that allows us to grow in holiness with Christ at its center and wrapped in Mary's love. I pray for peace and unconditional love in my family and home. I pray for protection from resentment, fear and infidelity. I pray that my family is bound always by God's love and the intercession of the Holy Family.
I pray for health and and those whom I've promised to pray for especially my God children, parents, friends and those who have no one to pray for. I pray sincerely for my life and the life of my children to bring our loved ones closer to Jesus, for God's glory and their joy. I pray deeply for my husband... for his strength, courage and protection.
Mama Mary.. please let Nathan and the baby be close all their lives if God let's him survive... mama... if baby passes away, take him into your arms forever. Our lives, I completely surrender to God through your loving intercession. I trust in you Jesus... I trust you Holy family. My family is yours.
June 12, 2022 Prayed for 4 times. I prayed for this
For Julianna Rizzo she have been in a difficult situations a Joung girl in very abandoned parents because drugs issue and she is in jail her kids got take away please keep her for she could have encounter withJesus she is in jail a the kids won’t be with their mother 😞 pray for her kids June & Josahia won’t have her mother for a while strength for her and Family
June 11, 2022 Prayed for 4 times. I prayed for this
I wanted request a prayers for Joshua Shelton is my son in a difficult situation he is in jail.. For helping some one
I just pray for favor in Court. In coming June 2022 the God strengthen him in faith and trust God ., the God give Joshua favor in the court date
June 11, 2022 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
I pray my husband comes home and stays with me his wife and stops messing around with this other woman
June 11, 2022 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
My boyfriend Ebbie (Albert) and I are to get married this November but he’s in a mental funk (depressed) and not sure about many things. I don’t want to lose him and am praying for a miracle so he can choose me and us and we can have a happily married life. I’ve been very anxious and fear the worst and that he’ll leave me. Praying we weather this storm and come out stronger than ever.
June 11, 2022 Prayed for 1 times. I prayed for this
Pray for Martha Dunn grandma/head of family
Diane haskin,keshia Harvey,marna Coleman,Margie Coleman,Jodi Coleman,sparkle Dunn,brittani Dunn Myrna nevitt,shamaya nevitt,jykayla Jones,symone carrasco,Bria Baugh,tailor baugh,
June 10, 2022 Prayed for 1 times. I prayed for this
Mary Jackson
I pray my daughter and her husband calm down and the start respecting each other so as to save their marriage. I pray my son stays safe on his journey to live near his son. I pray my grandchildren stay safe and make wise life choices. I pray that I am an inspiration to them by living in the light of our Lord Jesus Christ so they will step into his light. Amen. I pray for the healt and safety of your entire crew. Amen
June 10, 2022 Prayed for 0 times. I prayed for this
Cory Anderson and Dixie Milljour
Almighty Father,
You are the Lord and giver of life. By
Your word, You uphold and sustain
all things. Hear my prayer, Lord, for I
am undone. My best friend, my dog Coco (Coco girl)
has fallen ill. She brings so much
joy to our lives.
Please heal her. Send Your
healing Spirit to wash over her.
Take her sickness away and
restore her to health. In Jesus'
name. Amen.
June 10, 2022 Prayed for 5 times. I prayed for this
jay ess
Merciful Jesus, Meriful Mother Mary, please hear my prayer. I have suffered a significant bodily injury, threatening the safety and stability of my family as i have been unable to return to work. I am in chronic pain and need your heavenly aid. I try to be everything you want me to be, and while human and full of faults, I honor you and respect the church. Wont you please consider sending me some healing grace, In your name Jesus, it is done, Amen
June 10, 2022 Prayed for 4 times. I prayed for this
Cory Anderson & Dixie Milljour
Merciful Lord, touch Coco Milljour with Your gentle hand of healing and comfort. We pray that You would supernaturally deliver her of her symptoms of septic shock and healing the underlying cause of her septic abdomen
June 10, 2022 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
Barbara Thomas
Hello I’m requesting prayer for myself. I’m a single mother of 4 boys and I work full time. I handle a lot of responsibility by myself but I need help. Lately I have been very stressed. A lot of failed friendships and loved ones. I also have Covid-19. I’m carrying a lot on my shoulders and I need prayer.
June 10, 2022 Prayed for 4 times. I prayed for this
Jesus, the Great Physician, today, I am grateful for my mother-in-law. I desire that she would live a long life of good health so that her grandchildren would get to grow up knowing and enjoying her. Relieve her of any aches and pain, so that her body may not be weary, but rested. Fill her mind with Your truth, so that her mind may be renewed. Cause her to see Your countless blessings, so that her heart may leap for joy. Give her faith for today, so that her spirit may be refreshed. I pray in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.
June 09, 2022 Prayed for 1 times. I prayed for this
Joanne Gendron
Dear God
I worship you I pray to you praise you and I love you dearly
I ask that my husband Tony can love me again and give up his girlfriend and return to our Marriage I plead to you as I have suffered through this affair for so long (one year)
I miss him so much and we have been married for 34 years
Please grant this prayer to me
June 09, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
I pray that His hands on me and never lets Go I pray for my Health and Healing physically , mentally, and emotionally and that God leads me in the path of righteousness and completed his assignment he has got me I also pray for a full term baby and a healthy pregnancy when it does happen.
June 08, 2022 Prayed for 1 times. I prayed for this
My husband has been an alcoholic since he was 13, and became sober a year prior to our meeting in 2005. I prayed very hard one night asking God to bring my soul mate, and 3 weeks later I met Gary. We began dating and 6 months into our relationship I was in love, and I knew God had answered my prayer. We had a wonderful beautiful life, and it truly was a perfect union and we wed. In 2017 he began drinking again due to 2 deaths in his family. By 2019 we bought our own home and I thought the drinking would stop, however by he continued and basically checked out of responsibilities. Detox, failed. Then in 2020 his drinking was off the charts, and drug use-and it caused us difficulties communicating, for he was drunk every night, passing out. Our marriage was strained but we were still loving each other. He then started communicating w/ a female coworker and another rehab/detox-when he returned we had a month of sobriety, before he abandoned me, claiming we were not intimate or connected. He left and actually committed adultery with this woman, and to this day he is still very much involved with her claiming a friendship. He hurt me greatly with his affair, and continued relationship, all claiming he loved me. He filed for separation/divorce two weeks ago. I am devastated, I am crashed and broken for he stopped caring/loving me his wife to allow this woman to entice him, encourage him to leave his marriage. He is a alcoholic who needs mental help, not a evil woman telling him "she is more important to him then his wife" Or tells me she can have him any time she wants. I am wanting my husband back, the man he was when we met/fell in love and married. I've prayed every second, for God to heal him, and help him find me and Christ in his heart again. I know Satan has him, and I know if he would get rid of this woman, he would be the man he was, and we would continue our marriage. I can not bare losing the love of my life, my soul mate. Pray to restore my marriage!
June 08, 2022 Prayed for 4 times. I prayed for this
Dear Lord Jesus,
Please let me get custody of Marissa and let us have a great wedding in November.
June 08, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Dear Lord,
Please grant me, mother and father peace in our hearts, minds and souls. Father will show compassion, kindness, gratitude and stop verbal abuses to mother. The house he built will be free from problems.
Mother will enjoy happiness, bliss and good health.
May I meet my future husband-to-be soon, get married, have wonderful children and we will mutually support each other lovingly and wholeheartedly, bring glory to your name.
May I lead a fulfilling and healthy life, and be guided in your light to set up my own private clinical practice successfully.
Thank you for listening to my prayers.
June 08, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Please PRAY 4my mother "Altagracia" I took her to ER 2mos.ago due to days prior Not eating much,2tired,2weak, all of a sudden Not able 2 get-up, do anything-Not even go 2use bathroom on her own anymore, when normally she's very independent. While @ER doctors did many tests then mom was admitted right away 4surgery same night,because they taught it was bad ulcer,but while in surgery they saw part of bad pancreas (which part was also removed).She's had about 4 surgeries 2place feeding tubes, drains due to a leakage inside her stomach causing infection & pain.She's just been 2weak 2Sit/Walk,Get-Up from bed at@hospital & still Not wanting 2eat table/real food (except)4-5 small table spoons or I go try & feed her, then she says;She's Full,but barely eats/drinks anything-so then nurses have 2 keep feeding her through tubes & administer medications through IV,etc. Doctors DON'T know(Why or What's)causing her this problem & Don't seam 2be getting better yet. Honestly it makes me so sad,depressed every time I go see/check on mom & I just want mom 2get strong,healed, restored & home again w/out any mayor problems w/o feeding tubes,drains,shots, etc.Also pray 4her mental stability (supposedly Zchizophrenia)-hearing voices,seeing things, talking/saying strange things sometimes.I say:this is a LIE from the devil,In Jesus name!My plan before mom sick was/is live/find a 2 bdrm.together thru her housing program,so that she/we Don't have to live alone,lonely,we keep each other company & I can be there/closer 2my mother when in need since she now 69 yrs. I'm just always asking God2 Help,Heal,Lead & Protect me due 2also on remission from breast cancer myself. Prayers also 4my daughters "Veronica & Andriana" 2be SET-FREE fr. alcohol,drugs,sex,bad friends,addictions,rebellion.Restoration,Love & Peace in their lives/homes.Blessings & Protection for them,my 3young grand-kids,my mother & family. 4God-2 Find/Place Good,Godly,Right,Hard-working spouse/people in THEIR/MY LIFE.TY-Jesus.AMEN!
June 08, 2022 Prayed for 1 times. I prayed for this
Keith Hintz
Please pray for me and my revelation of God's purpose for me. And that I stay on his path and do his will for me. So I can be a good representation of his grace and humility and love.
June 08, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Good Evening,

i am going throgh a divorce i have been married for 30 years and my husband left me for another women. June 13, 2022, we will meet with the Judge. His lawyer, My Lawyer, my soon to be ex husband and I. He has been so mean and dishonest through this who process. i believe he and his girlfriend have been using dark magic
He has walk away from his family. I ask God for fairness , justice and the strength to start over. Thank you for your help and prays.

June 08, 2022 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Joanne Crea
Romeo Crea - healing from Adno and squamous cell carcinoma
Iffy Crea - healing from return of sarcoma
June 07, 2022 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
Please I need prayer I need God to take the depression and heavy heart that’s keeping me from living the life I am blessed to have. I pray for a miracle I pray for my marriage and for me to be able to forgive, I pray for healing and blessings over my children and loved ones. Please pray that all attacks from the devil be gone forever in Jesus name. Please I need to hear Gods voice. I pray that my children accept you as their Lord and savior. Please take this heartache and pain I am suffering so much I ask and believe.
June 07, 2022 Prayed for 6 times. I prayed for this
Healing for my son Joe physically and spiritually. Deliverance from his Drug addiction.
June 07, 2022 Prayed for 7 times. I prayed for this
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