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Raphael the Archangel Rosary

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Raphael the Archangel Rosary

$445 $250 Free Delivery Worldwide

Our unique Raphael the Archangel Rosary is made of Rose gold, Rose Quartz and Natural rose stones. This beautiful combination will remind you of God’s commands. It will guide you during your prayers. It will direct us towards the knowledge we need and seek.

  • Our unique 14K Gold & Sterling silver pendants are carved with Mother Mary on one side, and on the other you can choose the text you want to add: your name or a dedication.

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Product Details


  • Rose Gold
  • Length: 21.6"
  • Weight: 71 g
  • Total Gold Weight: 5.7 g
  • Cross: 18K Gold
  • Center: 14K Gold

Rose Quartz

Symbolizes how exciting life is, and why we should thank Jesus.


The Pink Color Gemstones are symbolizing at the Advent season, During the four Sundays before Christmas. The color symbolizes festive events whether they are personal or communal. Therefore, it is used for celebrating Mother Mary’s great and joyful welcome of Jesus.

About Me

Raphael the Archangel Rosary is about celebrating the love of God. While praying it, we will be reminded that God sees us all the time and leads our path towards him.
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