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Veil of St. Veronica

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    Veil of St. Veronica

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    On his Way of the Cross, Jesus had received from a woman, named Veronica, a veil to wipe his face. We know this veil was blessed by the son of God, once his face was marked on it. Furthermore, miraculous events became related to this veil.

    Our St. Veronica veil is unique because of the special blessing at the six-station in the Via Dolorosa. A priest will pray Veronica’s prayer for you and your veil.

    Your blessed veil will bring the presence of the Holy Land to your prayers.


    • Limited Edition (Only 2,600 Units)
    • Laminated holy card, with a unique design.
    • Blessed by a priest in the House of Veronica.
    • White
    • Large 50” X 50″ square.
    • Pure Silk
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