Pray For Safety and Life: Christians In Solidarity Against Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Prayer

The world is in the grip of fear like never before. We’re all battling COVID-19. Some people are infected, others are in quarantine. Many people are vulnerable; physically, mentally or financially.  The families of the sick are in battle, along with medical workers who are treating the sick. We are all worried about the spread of the virus. You deserve hope, you deserve blessings.

The Salvation Garden is the carrier of your prayer against the coronavirus.

The deadly COVID-19 virus has affected thousands of people on the planet already. The worst affected are the people who’ve had to fight a battle for their lives. We don’t underestimate the difficulty for caregivers either. The nature of the disease makes it painful for families to see their loved ones being isolated from the world. The doctors and medical staff treating those affected with the virus are doing God’s work in saving lives, often at the risk of their own. It is time to come together to pray to God and beseech Him to stop the spread of this deadly disease, save the affected and protect the vulnerable. Time to send an urgent coronavirus prayer, pleading Him to save mankind.

Seek the Safe Refuge of Prayer

We implore our brothers and sisters from across the world to let their faith in Jesus Christ become stronger in these testing times.

When we pray together, we call out powers higher than our own.

When we pray together, we bring together benevolent energies from all parts of the world together.

When we pray together, we make a silent vow of togetherness and solidarity.

The Salvation Garden implores Christians across the world to believe in the power of prayer.

Jerusalem Has the Answers

The world is in the center of a storm in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. Families have lost their loved ones. Caregivers are battling with depression.

Everyone is thinking twice before taking a step out of their houses. Travel plans have been cancelled. Lives are disrupted like we never thought.

Isn’t it appropriate that when we find ourselves at the center of misery, we look towards the core of our faith, the center of our beliefs, the center of the world? The holy churches of Jerusalem are the epicenters of positivity, the core of Jesus Christ’s blessings.


The Salvation Garden Brings Your Prayers to the Holy Churches

When you need God to bless you with courage, when you need the limitless love and grace of the Lord, when you need answers – we will take your prayer from your heart to the feet of the Giver of Life.

You can submit your coronavirus prayer online, and our team will physically bring it to the holiest churches in the land of Gospel.

We will share photographs of your coronavirus prayer being hand-delivered by our team in the churches of your choice. We believe it’s our responsibility to help fellow Christians feel the miracle of prayer in one of the holiest churches of Jerusalem. Place your trust in Jesus and send your coronavirus prayer request. Our online coronavirus prayer request service is there to help you feel closer to God, and perhaps a little less alone or helpless.

The distance between hope and despair is that of faith. Choose to traverse the distance, choose The Salvation Garden as the link between your prayer and the Holy Land.

Why send a prayer online?

These are grave times of crisis, the kind we have never seen before. Everyone is locked in their homes. We cannot go out like we used too. But we can send a coronavirus prayer to stop the spread of this dreaded disease from wherever we are.

Our online prayer request service is there to help you feel closer to God, and perhaps a little less alone or helpless.

How can a prayer help me?

Faith, we know is enough to overcome any challenge. But relying on your own limited strength is not enough. Plug into God’s unlimited strength. Pray to the Holy Spirit to guide and empower you. Trust that He will help you obey God’s leading in all situations. Today’s coronavirus pandemic is a situation that needs all our faith to stand tall and unflinching.

When we say a prayer for healing the sick, what we’re doing is surrendering ourselves totally and completely to the will and power of God, and opening ourselves up to accept his guidance and intercession.

How do online prayer requests work?

Sending a prayer online is really very simple! When you fill out the online prayer request form. You can choose to send a coronavirus prayer to any one of the following sites in the Holy Land:

  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
  • Abbey of the Dormition, Jerusalem
  • The Garden Tomb, Jerusalem
  • Church of All Nations, Jerusalem
  • St. Peter’s Church, Jaffa

Finally, you’ll choose what kind of documentation you’d like to receive for your online coronavirus prayer request. We can send you a digital photo or a video of your prayer being delivered to Jerusalem.