The Garden - A VISION

The Salvation Garden will be a unique garden located in the heart of Jerusalem. Our vision of the garden is a result of years of planning and developing with the best advisors and developers.

The Garden symbolizes the connection between the global Christian community and the Holy Land, and therefore to Jesus’ footsteps and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that the garden should be accessible to all Christians around the world – Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox. For this reason, the staff of the garden will consist of clerics from all denominations.

The garden will be designed in the Christian style, combining both historical and contemporary elements.

In the garden church, there will be prayers and masses that will be broadcast online to our members from all over the world.

What will be in the garden?

  • There will be A church for prayers and masses
  • Three columbarium structures: Each of them will be a closed and protected structure with special air filters that keep the ashes in suitable conditions.
  • On the Memorial Day, a ceremony will be performed by a priest. Cameras inside the columbarium will be placed and will broadcast everything online and directly to you. On this day, a prayer in the person’s  memory will be held in the garden church and the bells of the garden will ring.
  • Security services will be provided 24/7
  • There will be a wall surrounding the whole garden
  • Gardeners and expert agronomists with decades of experience will tend to the garden
  • The irrigation water in the garden will be natural pumped from the springs in the Jerusalem mountains