Your Own Olive Tree in The Holy Land - The Salvation Garden

Your own Olive tree

We are welcoming you to have your own tree in the Salvation Garden, located in the holy city of Jerusalem.


We believe that being a part of the growing Salvation Garden will make you feel closer to the Holy Land, as well as to Jerusalem and Jesus. Since the tree will be a part of your life, we want to make you feel as close as possible to your tree, anytime and anywhere.


We are welcoming you to choose your priest and prayer for your planted tree. Also, your tree will have a sign with its number, your name and a quotation or a phrase of your choice.

While we are committed to sending you a documented experience, including a video, a photograph and a certificate of the Salvation Garden.

The number of places is limited, contact us and place your order now.

“As always, the ones who aren't saints make the most noise...
a single tree falling makes a sound, but a whole forest growing doesn't”. (Pope Francis)


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