5 Prayers for Mothering Sunday

5 Prayers for Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday is a day that honors mother churches and moms. It is celebrated in several Commonwealth countries, Ireland, and the United Kingdom on the fourth Sunday in Lent. Christians usually go to their mother church on this day – the church where they got the sacrament of baptism. No occasion is complete without some prayers and Mothering Sunday is not an exception to this rule. Mothering Sunday 2022 falls on March 27.

Check out these 5 prayers for mothering Sunday to get peace and inner strength:

1. Prayer for Hope

Jesus, you draw your people to you as a mother does;
You are as gentle as a mother is with her kids.

Hopelessness transforms to hope through your adorable goodness;
We find comfort in trying times through your gentleness.

Your touch can make even sinners virtuous,
Your warmth can make the dead alive.

2. Prayer for the Love of Our Mothers

Christ our savior, your mercy has a healing touch;
You remake us in your tenderness and love.

Your compassion brings forgiveness and grace,
Your love shows us the beauty of heaven.

Thank you, Lord, for showering us with our mothers’ love:
Thank you, Lord, for their concern and care;
Thank you, Lord, for all our mothers give us;
Thank you almighty for the joys our mothers share with us;
Through Christ our Lord.

3. Prayer to Thank God for a Loving Mother

Loving Lord,
Thank you for mothers and kids
And for the happiness of family life
Please be by all those people who are sad because they do not have mothers
Put your healing touch on people that are in despair as they do not have kids;
Be close to all those who are unhappy as they are far away from the people they love.
I pray that your love is omnipresent.
We are praying this in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen.

4. Prayer for Comfort and Peace

Dear Lord, we united today from distinct parts of our journey.
Some feel lost, some are searching, and some feel loved, while others are hurting.
Whatever we feel and wherever we are, you are our parent who walks with us, knows, and understands us.

We pray to you for comfort and peace. As we travel with you, we can feel the beauty of new life. We would also like to thank you for our kids and how they smile and make our lives happy. Help us to welcome kids into our family and shower them with your unconditional love and blessings. Amen.

5. Prayer to Express Gratitude for Our Mothers

Gentle and Good Lord,
We bow our heads in deep gratitude for our mothers and all other women who are blessed to bring forth new life on the planet. You became human through women, so grant all mothers the courage they require to face challenges and an uncertain life before them.
May they have the strength to be loved and to live perfectly and humanly.
May all women have the undying support of their family, friends, and husbands as they take such good care for the spiritual and physical growth of their kids.
Always keep them joyous and delighted in their kids and see them soar through the difficulties of motherhood.
Last, but not least, may they have the wisdom to remember you for support whenever they require it urgently. Amen.

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