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God Answers When We Pray

"Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another,
that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has
great power as it is working."

James 5:16, ESV

Praying for the needs of others is a noble deed. Do remember to click on the I prayed for this button. The requestors would love to know how many times their prayers have been echoed.

If you wish to share your prayer on this wall, please submit your online prayer request here. Our dedicated team at The Salvation Garden is at your service. We collect your prayers and assist you in sending them to God from The Holy Land.

Debbie Bruns
Bless my daughter and son in law with many happy healthy children of their own. Bless my family, friends, and colleagues.
September 21, 2023 Prayed for 0 times. I prayed for this
pray for me, my names jamie, i want a christian girlfriend,
September 21, 2023 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Maribeth Bieber
For my son Jason. Today he is 34 my miracle baby.
He gained weight through the years going through hard times God blessed him with great paying job. Every day he walks milesI think he said 5 miles a day or more. My mid week he is hurting all over. He weighs 500 pounds. He has cut his appetite and is eating healthy food for the last month. Lord Jason needs a supernatural miracle. To have that weight start dropping Jesus name. Help him to follow your lead and give him favor and honor for trying so hard and nothing is coming off yet. Father I ask that you bless him now with weightloss in Jesus name.
Thank you Papa, Jesus, Holy Spirit.
His Mama
September 21, 2023 Prayed for 1 times. I prayed for this
Prayer of Jabez: Oh that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory.
That your hand would be with me.
That you would keep me from evil so that i would not cause pain. Heavenly Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I ask you to unite my family, grant us peace, success and finan ial freedom. Thank you.
September 21, 2023 Prayed for 0 times. I prayed for this
Prayer Intention for wisdom, enlightenment, strength to hurdle the ongoing bar exam which is scheduled on September 17, 20 and 24, 2023 and to pass the 2023 Bar Exam with flying colors.
September 21, 2023 Prayed for 0 times. I prayed for this
susie fattahi
Pray that Diana loja losses the case against biotone skin clinic and Susie fattahi and talat fattahi.
September 20, 2023 Prayed for 0 times. I prayed for this
Jesus I pray in Your Name that Sophia Therese Scott scores all As in trials Oct /Nov
September 20, 2023 Prayed for 1 times. I prayed for this
Gracious God, Hold my lovely mum at this time of illness, watch over her when she cannot sleep, speak your love to her when she is afraid, touch and heal her weak body. You are the fountain of life.
September 19, 2023 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Octave Masikini Nkiere
Lord gives success to the *Onetravelservice* agency led by Octave Oracle. Lord fill Octave Masikini with authority and power. Lord deliver the soul of Octave Masikini from the satanic prison and deliver the spirit of Octave Masikini from the people and forces who fight him. Heavenly Father gives Octave Masikini Nkiere $25,000 so he can start his printing business.
September 19, 2023 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Lord, I come before you today and ask for You to heal my mother Maryam Yousif Youkhanna. She has been in pain and can’t get relief. But You, Lord, can give her the relief she needs. I ask that You would touch the part of her body that is sick that you would restore it. Make it new again, Lord! In the mighty name of Jesus’ amen.
September 19, 2023 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
I pray for complete healing of my dilated aortic root and aneursym of my heart. I am only 30 years old, and I am scared. I know miracles happen and I pray these things in Jesus Name.
September 18, 2023 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Susan Goudas
Almighty God, I pray to you with all my heart for my niece Brie with her breast cancer diagnosis, for the cancer not to have spread to her lymph nodes and her scans to be clear . Give her the strength to successfully complete her chemo, the surgery and radiation so that she is cancer free and is able to live a long life with her beautiful family. God I beseech you to heal her. I vow to lead a more Christian , devout life in your name. Amen.
September 18, 2023 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Christina Light
Father, I thank You because You are the only source of health and healing. I thank You because, in Your presence, we find peace and calmness that passes all understanding. Grant us the confidence in You, Lord, that nothing is too hard for You to do. I pray for Your healing power to move over those who are sick. Please heal Irene Mary Light and give her strength. Those who need healing not just in physical but in every aspect of their life. Let them know and feel Your unfailing love for them. That in their pain, there You are to give healing and peace. Strengthen them, Lord, that as they go through difficult times, they will conquer it because You are their strong tower. I thank You because everything is possible through Your wonder-working power. These I pray in Your name, Amen.
September 18, 2023 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
My name is Yaya and my boyfriend's name is Esuka. We are going through a crisis in our relationship and no matter what effort I've made to reconcile things the last couple of days, have been unsuccessful. Please pray that God will hear my heart's cry and restore our relationship back to a better and stronger place. He is not even willing to communicate to me what the main problem is and even though I've taken responsibility to apologize, I have been unsuccessful. Please pray for me. I've fasted and prayed and this relationship is very important to me.
September 18, 2023 Prayed for 4 times. I prayed for this
Please bless and protect my Family Lord and I pray that my Children and Grandchildren; John, Dannielle, Jake, Ben, Alex, Benjamin, Luca and my Wife Marie all are Saved by your blood and are going to be with you, the Spirit and our Father in Heaven someday. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ.
September 17, 2023 Prayed for 1 times. I prayed for this
I believe in you, Lord, so therefore, I have faith in miracles. My family needs a miracle, my daughter and grandson over his court case of custody for him, and that his abusive father, leave him alone, and I pray that my granddaughter will see that her mother is faithful to you and loves her, next prayer request of a miracle is that my son Jason court case has been dropped he turn his life to you Lord as I know, he knows you and that he would receive all of his personal belongings and start a new life with you my third wish is that my youngest daughter Ask her siblings for forgiveness and her actions, and that they would be close, and that all the strife that has happened between them be healed and forth Lord, I would ask for myself at the prayers that I ask of my family be united, my court case on the injury of my arm be heard from the Supreme Court And that the decision would be turned around in my favor. Lord, I ask that every family that I touch as a hospice nurse reflect only on you and your desires on their life to give them peace and faith on knowing where they’re going, I asked, is in your name, father .
September 17, 2023 Prayed for 4 times. I prayed for this
Joseph Daniel Kaka
Dear Heavenly Father, Thankyou for your mercies. As you know that I am praying for a son for a long time. As my wife is pregnant with my third child. Please give me a son and I will dedicate him for your glory and for your praise and honor. May you grant a safe and normal delivery to my wife. I ask all these things in Jesus name Amen!
September 16, 2023 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
Abba Father, help me. Draw me close to you, for in your presence bondages get broken, your name which you gave your Son as he said in John 17 breaks in pieces the gates of brass. Help me not to lose my faith in you for before a word is on my lips you know. Put to shame the expectation of the enemy's deeds in the spirit against me and the scourge of tongues which arise night and day that say with their own mouth they will prevail for my eyes are lifted up to You. Show yourself strong on my behalf, I bring the name of your Son to remembrance before you for only you God are my help. Ma je ki nwo owo omo enia ki nto jeun. Lord Jesus Christ son of David son of man, have mercy on me and all my children. Honour your name in me and put to shame the works of Satan and those who are tools in his hand in all that is used to unrest me for even pastor's lie in the cup of calumny and such seek my death. Don't let the enemy prevail ovet me again and all I choose not to say, and put to shame their ill-will towards me & and all sent into me to make me ill and ail my body. Be a hedge round about me and all my children as you and all my lineage that the adversary may know you and that my blood is precious in you sight. Thankyou for this opportunity to come before you and war upon how I am poor in all facets of life and let all who will make me lose faith in Jesus be put to shame, Anen. And God only you know what you have purposed and what is on your heart for me please do that which I should have asked for but didn't for me, Amen
September 16, 2023 Prayed for 0 times. I prayed for this
Almighty Father receive the soul of my dear Aunt Eileen O'Brien who was brave and endured in your name for many years with cancer. She leaves a wonderful family and a special son - my cousin Matthew who took care of her. May she rest in peace. Amen
September 16, 2023 Prayed for 1 times. I prayed for this
Marc Anthony
Dear God I ask that the allegations of
Money laundering
Cannabis farming against me are diminished
And Alex keeling throws out his case against me
And kusum and me may joined to get in our marriage lord and that she lets me back home amen lord lord please hear prayers amen and that we stay in love amen
September 16, 2023 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Patricia Kavet
That the Merciful God bless my daughter and her unborn baby with health and spiritual goodness always🙏
September 16, 2023 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
James king
I pray for financial miracle. I am living with debts and credits card for decade now which I can’t get out. I work but don’t see my money. I can not save because the financial situation, it looks like a dead trap with me. Please! Pray for me financial stability , sufficient money to support my family and other I can help to in Jesus Christ Mighty Name 🙏🏾. There is nothing he can’t do , remove any financial blockage on me in Jesus Christ Holy Name 🙏🏾. Prayer for blood of Jesus Christ protect my family and good health 🙏🏾. Please Jesus, i am in needed for financial miracle to be debts free and not to worry anymore 🙏🏾🙏🏾
September 16, 2023 Prayed for 1 times. I prayed for this
Octave Masikini Nkiere
Heavenly Father gives Octave Masikini Nkiere $40,000 so he can start his printing business. Lord Jesus Christ gives success and glory to the businesses of Octave Masikini Nkiere. Heavenly Father gives success and glory to the political career of Octave Masikini Nkiere. Lord gives physical and spiritual death to all sorcerers and magicians who fight the life and projects of Octave Masikini Nkiere. Lord free Octave Masikini from diabolical oppression.
September 16, 2023 Prayed for 1 times. I prayed for this
Last year I saw a psychic and ever since I did this my life has gotten worse and worse. My finances have completely depleted and lost all my savings. Please pray that any demonic forces be released in my life. I have fallen into drugs and alcohol and I need deliverance from these things. Please help me pray for my future husband and that I meet the person God wants me to marry, because I am constantly getting into toxic relationships and I know that’s not Gods will. Please pray that I meet the friends and support group I need to meet as well and finally live a free life as God intended for me to live
September 15, 2023 Prayed for 3 times. I prayed for this
I pray over my life in every aspect. I pray for elevation, spiritually, academically, mentally, physically and financially. I’m currently enduring a hardship where I feel stuck in one spot. I’ve been putting it towards effort, but constantly receiving rejection. I pray for a complete 360 and that my life becomes prosperous and favorable. I ask to find talent in cosmetics, arts and craft, interior design, or the fashion industry. I pray for my health internally awhile on my journey dieting and in the gym. I pray asthma gets easier for me as i struggle with shortness of breath and been stuck on medication my whole life. I ask that my family and i become whole.. i feel lack of love and support but i deeply wish to bond and rejoice together. I pray i find hobbies that keep my mind off negativity. My emotional state is very low and I’ve encountered depression.I am left with so many insecurities and comparisons which is the thief of joy. I pray i find a church home that makes me complete and prioritizes the word of God over greed. A church that is more involved hands on in the spirit rather than the attention they gain on social media. A direct touch from God to strengthen my spirit. A welcoming place that’s teaches me prayer without being repetitive. I ask God for a well paying WFH job that is convenient for me being i have no vehicle or i pray by the end of this year with works and faith he supplies me with a vehicle. I pray healing over my loved ones battling things they don’t speak on or illnesses that declines their body. I pray a stray away from being lukewarm and that the loneliness i have on my walk with Christ doesn’t become discouraging or over bearing. I ask the lord to read my heart and guide me from wickedness and that when i receive this blessing i don’t mishandle it, i ask him to keep me humble but let light flow abundantly. I’m in need of the spirit of discernment.. Lastly i ask for the forgiveness of my sins. i accept Jesus as lord and savior. Amen.
September 15, 2023 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Shamsuzzaman Nasar Tarafdar
Dear Jesus Christ please can you make me and my wife Mrs Clara Tushmi Biswas and daughter Jennifer Rose Tarafdar live together in the UK as soon as possible Amen.
September 15, 2023 Prayed for 2 times. I prayed for this
Patricia White
For strength and guideance, for a spiritual awakening, to be revived in the power of the holly ghost. A spiritual breakthrough and restoration. That God will save my children, grand and greatgrand. .Healing in my body, mind, heart, and soul. Deliverance from bad habit (chewing tobacco). That God will drive evil away from my home. Please pray that God will bless me to stay in my apartment and my rent reduce. A financial blessing to keep giving into the ministry to help others that are in need. Thank you for praying for me and my family.

September 14, 2023 Prayed for 1 times. I prayed for this
Juna Sayson
Almighty Father, I ask a special prayer request to my sister Glezy Sayson, She is in the hospital right now and a critical condition, and decided to bring in ICU. I believe you Lord and in this prayer she will survive, Please Lord touch her and give your miracle hands to heal my sister. I trust you Lord ,I ask you to forgive her sins. As she is clean to you Lord, Lord Jesus I will surrendered my worries and have faith in you, and I trust you Lord. I love my her so much, that's why I m begging you Oh Lord God to save her , Please make a miracle to my sister will be heal, she has one little son and too much crying and very pitty,that needed a mother at his age, and Lord please save my sister life , We the family full of hope of the recovery of my sister because of you Lord, Lord Jesus Christ you are the only one can heal my sister. please save her life, I ask your miracle Oh Lord, I'm crying and beg you , Please hear my prayer.And I ask this , In your Holy name Jesus Christ our Lord , Amen
September 14, 2023 Prayed for 0 times. I prayed for this
Bruno Farkas
Heavenly Father i praise your name for your blessings in my life and i giving thanks for your gifts. I asking for your financial blessings on me so i can keep helping for those who are in need and i can achieve my goals. I pray for you in Jesus Christ name amen.
September 14, 2023 Prayed for 0 times. I prayed for this
I am writing this prayer request from Los Angeles. I know that I can pray anywhere but I'm asking your chosen people Lord, to deliver my prayer request to the Holy land. I'm praying that my efforts against predator Richard Eugene Turner be brought to justice so that others are not harmed. Please bring people of authority, and power to help me see this through so that justice is served. Help me move this forward Lord.
September 14, 2023 Prayed for 0 times. I prayed for this
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