Within the Catholic church, prayer is the act of raising one’s heart to God in either conversation or to request good things. Prayers can be delivered in a variety of ways, by speaking, singing or even simply contemplation. Through prayer, we acknowledge God’s power and goodness and we recognize our need to look to Him for all of our needs. When our needs surpass our own ability to pray, it’s common practice to submit a Catholic prayer request to another person within the Church so that they may also intercede on our behalf. Catholic prayer requests can take several forms: verbal, written, or even electronic, as technological advances have allowed us to create a worldwide, interconnected Catholic community.

In fact, as technology has continued to develop, Catholic online prayer requests have become increasingly common. Not only can we request prayers with the help of the Internet, but the Church can also use the web to give examples of daily prayers when we find ourselves needing direction for our daily communication with God. Using the web to help us pray can also provide us with prayers on which we can truly meditate and reflect all throughout the day, thus strengthening our relationship with God and the Church. You may find that these online prayers become part of your own personal prayers.

Here are some examples of common Catholic online prayers:

Daily Prayers:

Daily prayers are just what they sound like – they’re prayers to help us get through the ups and downs of everyday life. It’s possible to find Catholic online prayers for any one of the following moments of daily life:

  • – Morning offerings
  • – Short prayers to ask God for guidance throughout the day
  • – Daily dedications
  • – Afternoon offerings
  • – Nighttime prayers

These daily prayers help us reflect on our everyday actions and thoughts, and allow us to think about the ways in which we can live by God’s example.

Sacraments and Liturgy:

Sacraments and liturgy allow us to put God’s word into action in a way that is consistent with the teachings of the Bible. Sacraments are outward signs of communicating grace, and liturgy is what empowers us to go forth and bring about the Kingdom of God. Some of the Catholic online prayers related to sacraments and liturgy include:

  • – Prayers to say before Mass
  • – Advent and Christmas prayers
  • – Prayers for a fruitful Advent
  • – Children’s prayers for Advent
  • – Holy Week and Easter Prayers
  • – Stations of the Cross
  • – Prayers for our priests
  • – Prayers for a fruitful Lent


Common Catholic Prayers:

Beyond daily prayers and prayers of sacrament and liturgy, it is also possible to find Catholic online prayers that are of the typical Catholic canon. These common Catholic prayers include:

  • – Apostle’s Creed
  • – Our Father
  • – Hail Mary
  • – Glory Be
  • – Mealtime prayers
  • – Act of Contrition

The next time you have the opportunity to pray but are unsure of what to pray for, consider turning toward the web and its many resources designed to help improve your prayer life and your relationship with God.

Catholic online prayer requests

Prayer does not have to be a solitary experience. When others join in praying for you or for your loved ones, the prayer becomes that much more powerful and meaningful. Remember, “Pray for one another, that you may be healed” (James 5:16). While Catholic prayer requests have traditionally been delivered in writing, or in discussion with leaders and members of our Church, the power of technology now enables us to submit Catholic prayer requests for ourselves, loved ones and the world.

Why use the Internet for Catholic prayer requests?

While it may seem strange or impersonal to submit an online prayer request, we shouldn’t forget the power of lifting up one another in prayer. We should instead be grateful that today’s technology allows us to extend our prayer requests far and wide, and that we get to respond to the prayer requests of others. Prayer is one of the most divine forms of charity that we can offer to those in need.

What kind of prayer can I request online?

You can submit any kind of Catholic prayer request online, and there is no right or wrong way to request a prayer for yourself or someone else. You can submit a prayer request online for any want or need that you would request in person – in fact, submitting a Catholic prayer request online may actually help people make requests that they wouldn’t otherwise normally make in person, perhaps out of fear or shame.

Some common areas of online prayer requests include:

  • – Health of family and friends: Is someone you know and love experiencing a health challenge? Do you simply want to pray for continued good health for yourself or someone else? An online prayer request can ensure that you have the prayers of hundreds – if not thousands – of other Catholics praying for God’s healing power to help you or someone you love to overcome an illness or stay well.
  • – God’s Guidance and Wisdom: This type of online prayer helps you or your loved ones feel God’s presence and guidance as you navigate life’s many ups, downs, and unexpected moments.
  • – Salvation of Others: Is someone you know experiencing a period of doubt? Have they not yet found the Church? Submitting an online prayer request means that many people can unite to pray for their Salvation and that they might find their way back to the Lord.
  • – Forgiveness: Do you need God’s help in forgiving someone who’s wronged you? Or have you wronged someone else, and would like to pray that the other party might forgive you? Submit an online prayer request to have the Catholic community join you in prayers of forgiveness or contrition.

Prayer is an essential way to ask for God’s help and blessings, and like many things in life, it can be made better through the assistance and goodwill of our Church community.