Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do I Know That My Prayer Will Be Offered Sincerely?
What Proof Do I Get That You Have Offered My Prayers at the Requested Shrines?
Is it OK to Ask Others to Pray for You?
How Soon After My Request Has Been Sent Will My Prayers Be Offered at My Chosen Shrine?
How Do I Know That My Payment Has Been Received By You? What if there is a Problem after Sending My Prayer Request?
Why Do You Take Payments for Prayer Requests?
What if I Want to Keep My Prayer Request Confidential?
Which Sites in Jerusalem Do You Offer Prayers At?
Can Greek Orthodox, Protestant, or Catholic Church Members Send Holy Land Prayer Requests to You?
Do you Have an Arrangement to Offer Mass in My Name Through the Jerusalem Church Clergy?
Send your prayer request to The Holy Churches of Jerusalem
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