We believe that the Holy Land should be accessible to every person in the world. Therefore, we founded The Salvation Garden in Jerusalem – Holy Land. The Salvation Garden is the key to achieve your own success in the material and spiritual life.


Our founder thought about the Salvation Garden through a personal story:

One of his best friends told him about his pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and how he wished his deeply religious mother could have joined him. The problem was that the mother wasn’t at her best for long and distant travels. The friend’s solution was simple – online conversations.

Online connection enabled both her and her son to pray together in sacred places. They learned about Jesus and followed in his footsteps in Jerusalem, taking the same route as Jesus did on his final way to the cross.

Both the friend and his mother were amazed at the beautiful landscapes of the Holy Land, the unique churches, and the mesmerizing city of Jerusalem. They also realized how little they knew about Jesus’ footsteps and his history in the Holy Land. They were fascinated to see how history has been incorporated so well in modern day life.

While they called it their own “Online Pilgrimage”, our founder realized that there were many more Christians around the world who were unable to visit the Holy Land. Therefore, if you physically, financially, or for any other reason are unable to visit the Holy Land, we are here for you.

We hope to give access and virtually open the gates of the Holy Land to all the Christians around the world. 

Our vision

On the website you will be able to send personal Prayers from the Holy Land and enjoy reading articles on many Christian subjects.

We hope that our services will meet your individual requirements.

Like you, we never forget to help the disabled and the ones with special needs. So, we work together with Christian Charity organizations that direct us to those who need donations, providing constant extra support. For example, we support the “Saint Vincent Ain Karem – Home for Children with Special Needs”.

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