Coronavirus prayer being offered at the Church of All Nations Jerusalem

Lord Jesus, YOU have healed the sick and saved the tormented from crisis.
We beseech YOU to grant healing and comfort to those affected by CORONAVIRUS,
Give courage and freedom from fear to the worried and protect those who are treating the sick from the CORONAVIRUS.

YOU are our protective shield and we plead with you to stop the spread of the CORONAVIRUS in the world.

In YOU, we believe. Amen.

Prayer Request in Jerusalem
Christian Healing Ministries Prayer Request
Prayer Request for Healing
Request for Prayers for the Sick
  • The Pretorium
    1st Station – The Pretorium
  • Flagellation Church
    2nd Station – Flagellation Church
  • Ecce Homo Arch
    Ecce Homo Arch
  • Polish Catholic Chapel
    3rd Station – Jesus Falls the First Time
  • Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
    6th Station – Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus
  • Jesus falls the second time
    7th Station – Jesus Falls the Second Time
  • Jesus falls the third time
    9th Station – Jesus Falls the Third Time
  • Jesus dies on the cross
    12th Station – Jesus Dies on the Cross
  • Stone of the Anointing
    13th Station – Stone of the Anointing
Light a Candle Prayer Request Online
I truly appreciate everything
“Thank you so very much! I truly appreciate everything all of you have done. I will continue to spread it to others I know also.”
Prayer Request for Healing the Sick
I am so grateful
“After waiting for 13 months Jesus finally answered my prayer! “God, you are so generous.” You provided, just as you promised. You said, “I will supply all your needs out of my vast store of wealth in heaven.” I believed this, and now I’ve seen you prove it, first hand. I asked for a job and you gave one! I am so grateful. These are hard times for many people. I don’t take this gift lightly. I believe I will be a blessing to my new employer; they certainly will be a blessing to me and my family. I’m honored with this trust! Thank you! Thank you!”
Urgent Catholic Prayer Request
MY Grandfather’s dreams of praying in Jerusalem came true
“I would like to give a huge thank you from all my family, as we have been able to show photos and and a movie
to my beloved grandfather. He had tears in his eyes, and was deeply touched and honored as his
dreams for prayer in Jerusalem came true. Once more thank you very, very much. God bless.”
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