5 Prayers for Workers on Labor Day/International Workers’ Day

International Worker’s Day
May Day is around the corner, and workers celebrate it as Labor Day or International Workers’ Day. The last couple of years have been gloomy and sad. Several workers have lost their jobs, and their families have been suffering from a lack of food and shelter. You can practice these five prayers or workers on this Labor Day and seek the blessings of God for them.

1. Prayer for Workers to Get Fair Compensation

Dear Lord,

You are the Creator of this universe, and we thank you for offering us the precious gift of work and stewardship. Bless us so that we can do our work with utmost sincerity and love.

God, you are the epitome of justice, and we pray today that all workers get fair remuneration for their labor. Employ all who seek work – immigrants and citizens both.

Please offer sustenance to all those who are unable to work now, and make global leaders show reverence towards all laborers. Bless us so that we can lead pure lives and be of service to our neighbors who need our help. We pray for your glory and our good. Amen.

2. Prayer for Merciful Blessing to Workers

Almighty Lord,

We thank you for all the workers’ faithful service. Please take care of those workers who have to work forcefully, without dignity or freedom, or rest. Please bless all those laborers who cannot work due to their physical or mental disabilities.

There are so many workers whom society discriminates against because of their creed or color, and they do not get meaningful work. All those workers who suffer hardship and risk life need your merciful blessings. This is particularly true for workers suffering because of floods, pandemics, disasters, and fires. Amen.

3. Prayer to Unite All Working People

Dear King of Kings,

You are aware of how the powerful and the affluent have always subjugated the meek and the lowly. However, it is time for such oppressions to end. Lord, let all working women and men on the planet unite with your kind guidance.

Please open our hearts and assist us to remove the hatred that exists within ourselves. God, support us to liberate ourselves first from infighting and prejudice. Only you can help all of us to come together. Please open our minds and help us to rise above petty differences and controversies.

Help us to grow, learn, cooperate and support us to create a new world, which is full of goodness. Amen.

4. Prayer for Justice and Protection of Workers

Dear Lord,

We pray for your protection for all those workers who work day in and day out. We also pray to you to protect workers whose pay is not fair and who are poor and suffering. Protect all those who are enslaved, endangered, coerced, abused, or exploited.

May your justice prevail on all such workers and make them find happiness in their work. We also pray that all these workers become aware of your blessing.

We promise to take care of each other in return. We also pledge to help the poor and sufferers and will welcome strangers into our country. Amen.

5. Prayer to Thank God for the Work He Gives Us

Almighty God,

You are the architect of our planet who works tirelessly for our well-being. We thank you for the work you provide to each one of us. Thank you also for the enrichment we get through working for noble purposes and diverting our minds from selfish desires.

We give you praise and thanks and request us to bless all unsung heroes whose unrewarded and unseen labor has made our lives easier. Bless all those who are working for the well-being of people they won’t even meet. May we always remember their sacrifice and hard work and appreciate their diligence.

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