Answered Prayers

"He answered their prayers because they trusted in Him."
1 Chronicles 5:20
We hand-deliver prayers as part of our mission, but we love to hear from the
community about the lives touched by ours prayer in the Holy Land.
I praise God that my prayer for my son that his hospital procedure go well - it did go well and no abnormalities were found. He still needs healing, but I know God was with him through this trying time. Thank you for taking my prayer to the Holy Land. Blessings to all those at The Salvation Garden and glory to God! Amen.

With blessings and regards
L Moss
I can already feel the Lord at work after only just submitting my prayer last night. Part of my prayer was relief from physical pain and I woke up headache free. I am so thankful. I know the Lord continues to work on my prayer and it means so much and gives me such hope. Praise be.

With blessings and regards
Praise the Lord Now I thank, God my saviour because he answered my prayer .Since the day I sent request, I was like so tensed cuz my results are going to publish next week. I cried and pray to God for a good result and guess what he had answered my prayer .Tku salvation garden sending my prayer reques and prayed for me . Once again thank u God for a success .It was a miracle. God bless you 🙏❤

With blessings and regards
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