Faith Lessons For St. Patrick’s Day

Even if you are not catholic, buckets of gold and leprechauns will floor your life in March. These modern day trinkets, have nothing to do with St. Patrick. No matter what denomination you are, powerful christian lessons can be found in this holiday.

God can turn curses into blessings.

Before becoming a saint, Patrick did not have an easy life. He was stolen from his Christian home and brought to Ireland as a slave. Before being kidnapped, Patrick was not a devout man, but hardship brought him close to God.

He began to pray. As a slave, Patrick prayed every day, whenever he could. After many hard years, God spoke to Patrick. 

Listening to God, Patrick escaped and found a boat that brought him home. Later in life, Patrick began spreading the Gospel and returned to Ireland.

Patrick spread the Holy Word throughout Ireland, and even converted his former slave master. They worked together bringing God’s message to the country.

God is always listening, even during your darkest days.

Patrick accepted God into his heart while he was a slave. In Patrick’s hardest times, God guided him. And in our hardest times, we must remember to run towards God. 

Do not run away from faith. Make an urgent prayer request and God will hear you, because God is with us every step of the way.

The bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow is your relationship with God.

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