Finding Pure Joy in Prayer

Many people complain that they have to struggle a lot to pray to the almighty. Several such people are frustrated as they realize prayer is necessary. However, they hardly show any interest to pray. These people are also clueless about what or how to pray.

A host of factors contribute to the preference for avoiding prayer. When we struggle in this manner, prayer can never give joy and inner satisfaction. Rather, it becomes a burdensome task. Praying to God should be a voluntary activity and not something you do out of coercion or force.

According to scripture, God, who created the universe and everything in it, gives an open invitation to people. He tells us through his prophet:Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” (Jeremiah 33:3a)

1. Read the Word

Did you ever get engaged in a one-sided chat with a person who blabbered continuously without bothering to listen to you? There is a possibility that you did not like such a one-sided conversation. Many of us do the same thing while praying to God. We pray to him without reading the Bible. When we read what people who experienced Jesus and his tribulations have written, we become closer to God and our prayers get a fresh lease of life. God does speak to us through small acts of kindness from our fellowmen as well as through the daily breeze, rain on a scorching summer day, and other wondrous works of nature.

So, if you are serious about indulging in more joyful and effective communication with God, read Scripture. Chant a verse from the Gospels, which strikes you. It is a great way to find pure joy in prayer.

2. Keep your prayers simple

There is a strong belief that we have to use persuasive and passionate words so that God can hear our prayers. However, St. Teresa of Avila and St. Augustine have shown us that God listens to even short and simple prayers as long as they are heartfelt. Thus, we can find joy even in the simplest of our prayers.

Martin Luther King had once said that, “The fewer the words, the better the prayer.” God will not mind if we talk to him in everyday, simple language in the same way we talk with friends.

3. Prayers should be creative

Did you ever compose a prayer or a hymn of your own? If not, why not try today? Your prayer need not be needlessly wordy. Prayers you write, also need not be clothed in the words of the saints to bring back the spirit of joy you experienced when you had the first emotional realization that God could answer your prayers. You can give music to a couple of lines of a Psalm and feel the difference when you pray.

Prayers can become dull if these are treated as a mental exercise. God made humans creative. So, why should we not include creativity even while praying? There is a possibility that you did not find joy while praying as you felt it was complicated.

Prayers are joyous and creative when they are heartfelt. You can also send your prayer request in the holy lands and have a devout intercessor offer your prayers for you.Start writing your prayer today.

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