Good Friday Prayers: Give Thanks and Glory to Jesus Christ

Good Friday Prayers

Good Friday is around the corner, and what better way to connect to our Lord other than playing religiously. We have listed some beautiful Good Friday prayers below to thank Jesus Christ, our savior. All these Good Friday prayers for 2022 will help your mind and heart appreciate the sacrifices made by Christ for our redemption.

1. Prayer for Asking Pardon for Our Sins

Dear Father,
You are the most merciful creator who also created us anew through the profound passion of your Son Jesus Christ. You know how weak and vulnerable we are and are unable to do good acts by ourselves. We urge you to grant us your heavenly blessing and grace so that we can do everything to your glory and honor no matter what work we engage in.

Please make us stay away from sin and empower us to indulge in noble works for our entire lifetime. May we always do service to you as long as we are alive! When we depart, pardon us from our sins and greet us to eternal life. Amen.

2. Prayer to Thank Christ for His Sacrifice 

O Lord Jesus Christ,
You are the only Son of our living God and came down on this planet from heaven from the side of your Father. You had to suffer as many as five wounds when you were brutally crucified. Christ, our savior, you had to shed your blood so that we receive forgiveness for all our sins.

We pray that you whisper those beautiful words of blessings in our ears on judgment day. You reign and live with the Father and the Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen.

3. Prayer to Make Us Courageous and Learn from Jesus’ Sacrifice  

Dear Jesus, 
You are our God and Lord forever. You offered your cheek to all those cruel people who struck you so badly. You had to endure so much anguish and mockery for our sins. May we learn from your ultimate sufferings and be courageous always and learn from your sacrifices. You are lowly in heart and meek. Now you reign with the Holy Spirit, the Father, and Lord forever and ever. Amen.

4. Prayer for Forgiveness 

Dear Lord,
We remember Jesus today as he had to go through so much suffering and pain on the cross. Christ, our savior, readily endured the ultimate agony so that we could be free. He had to make such a great sacrifice by offering His life so that we can enjoy eternal life.

May we never take this priceless gift for granted! Please guide us to remember the price of it all. Pardon us for getting distracted with the mundane things in our lives, and forgive us as we had been too busy. Sometimes we forget what you had done for us and take you for granted.

Today, we thank you for healing us through your wounds. Thank you as we can live free because of your sacrifice. We also thank you to allow us to now say with positivity that “It is finished.” We know what we can expect because death does not have the same sting now. We pray in the name of Jesus, your only Son. Amen.

5. Prayer to Acknowledge Christ’s Anguish 

O blessed Christ!
You are the most victorious, King immortal, and the mightiest lion for us. We remember your sorrow on this day when you suffered so much. It was on this day when all the powers of your body and heart failed you entirely. You uttered those all-important words “It is finished.” It is the day to remember your sorrow and anguish, blessed Christ. Please shower me with your mercy when I will take my last breath. Amen.

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