How did Jesus pray?

The Importance of prayer, at any time

Prayer is a very important part of our spiritual lives as Christians. As it is extremely essential, Christians always wonder how they should pray and what for their prayers should take. Even though the answers to such questions may vary, it should be the aspiration of every Christian to make prayers an important aspect of their lives. Christ teaches us about prayer through his own examples. Jesus Christ prays frequently and by doing so, he shows us how to pray. This article gives an insight regarding prayer by reflecting on the prayer of Jesus at the Garden of Gethsemane.

Who is our teacher regarding prayers?

After Jesus arrived in the garden, He withdraws from his disciples and goes to pray, as recorded in Luke 22:41. Even though he prays for the whole of his life, this night is one of the several instances he isolates himself to pray, and by doing so, he provides an example for us. Christians should, therefore, try to make prayer part of their lives and focus exclusively on God. When making big decisions, Christians should always take the time to seek out the will of God.

Who is our Dad?

Jesus starts to pray by addressing God as Dad (Abba in Hebrew), according to Mark 14:36. He kneels down in the garden and starts preparing to embrace his passion and death. In the most difficult part of his life, Jesus prays. The prayer of Christ invites us to address God as children. Christ bridges the infinite gap between human and divine, welcoming us into a relationship with God that is not distant and fearful, but rather, loving and deeply personal.
Jesus Christ then asks God to “let this cup pass from me”, according to Matthew 26:39. From this verse, we learn that He is bold in presenting his desires and wishes. We learn that sometimes we hold back not knowing the will of God for us.

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