Lighting a Candle in Holy Places at the Holy Land

Lighting a Candle in Holy Places at the Holy Land

You wake up and go about your daily grind both at work and home with a smile on your face. But there are moments when your weary soul seeks rest and ponders over your achievements and failures. Your soul yearns for a bit of divine intervention for boosting your morale and giving you the inner strength to soldier on. A prayer request may be the answer and work wonders for your troubled soul. Learn more about some of the holy sites you can consider reaching out to, to send a prayer request in Israel.


Traditionally, lighting candles is an important practice in Catholic churches, communities, and homes. Its origins date back to the Old Testament where an oil lamp was lit to signify the burning of an eternal flame. The devout prepare an altar in the temple of the Lord and burn incense, offerings and lampstands or candles to worship God and offer prayers of thanksgiving and implore His forgiveness for every sin.

The New Testament upholds the sanctity of this light in Paul’s Letter to the Hebrews. Christians believe that a candle symbolizes the light of God or Christ. The New Testament upholds Christ’s followers creating light to signify communion with Him as well as serve as offering to God. Since these lights symbolize Christ and the Light of the world, the devout that congregate in prayer illumine their lives and those for whom they pray.

Candles are lit at the altar in memory of near and dear ones, during prayer, at Mass, at funerals and liturgical processions, and at evening prayer ceremonies. Devotees light candles before the Tabernacle to show reverence as well as signify God’s presence in the Blessed Sacrament. 

The definition, meaning, and emblem of candles as a symbol of Christianity can be traced back to the Easton Bible Dictionary. One can find the frequent usage of the term “lamp”. The Hebrew word referring to “any kind of candle, lamp or torch” denotes a figure of conscience, a Christian example, and prosperity.



According to Christian theology, Christ is recognized as the light of the world. Hence lighting a candle is associated with salient features of Christianity like Cleansing and Purification of Impurities. Devout Christians believe that lighting candles can keep one safe from all the inequities of the earth, and witchcraft.

The flame emanating from the candles signifies obedience, while the heat that is emitted portrays humility. A prayer request in Israel for lighting a candle goes a long way in strengthening your beliefs and devotion.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The holiest place for Christians comprises the two sacred sites in Christianity:  “Golgotha”, or “Calvary”, where Jesus was crucified, and an empty tomb that marks his burial and resurrection. For centuries, the key to the church has been looked after by a Muslim family. The visiting hours during summer months (i.e., April-September) are between 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. except on Sundays when it closes at 8 p.m.; during winter (i.e., October-March) one can visit the church from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m. You can avoid the serpentine queue at the church by sending a prayer request. A candle will be lit in the Church on your behalf and your prayer placed on the Stone of Anointing. A printed copy of your prayer request will be taken to be prayed in the Church. You will receive photographs of your prayer request and candle request via email.

There are three options that you can choose from for a nominal fee at the click of a mouse. The first option allows a priest to perform a blessing on the candle you want to be lit for you or your near and dear one(s) for $14.99. If you want someone to light a candle on your behalf for seven days for pressing needs, it will be done for $49.99. You can also give a gift of light from Jerusalem to your loved one for $69.99. A candle is lit and placed in a box designed from olive wood; subsequently, it will be sent to your home address along with a printed certificate. Take your pick and embark on your journey to connect with the Supreme Power. Don’t let distance, time or other hurdles deter you.

Candles are an integral part of your silent communion with God. Whether you are praying for the old and ailing, your family, or anyone close to your heart, lighting candles in a church is a tangible sign of faith. When you light a candle, it burns as a symbol of the divine fire present in all of us; it indicates a flaming passion that warms us and makes us a part of that Light symbolizing Christ. The practise of lighting a candle for the Virgin Mary in a Church or Chapel of a Saint is performing an act of love towards God, Christ, and his Holy Mother. Sending a prayer request to Israel will help you in your quest to reach out to the Eternal Power.

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