Mother Mary the Merciful and Compassionate

Mercy and compassion are two of the words most commonly associated with the Mother of Christ, and two traits that many invoke when asking for her divine intercession. This is arguably because she is a perfect example of each.


Vessel of mercy

After all, it is Mary who acted as the vessel of mercy. Mother of Jesus Christ, it is her to whom we cry out during that so oft repeated prayer:

“Hail Holy Queen,

Mother of Mercy,

Our life, our sweetness, and our hope…”

The child of an Immaculate Conception, she was perfectly fashioned by God to bring his mercy into the world in the form of his Son.

This is a gift that she gave to us all willingly. Despite the shame of unwed motherhood in a time when society was so heavily prejudiced against such women, and the undeserved initial disappointment of her betrothed, Joseph, she endured all to deliver a child who would cleanse the world of its sins and lead by shining example.

Through her, we thus received Divine Mercy in its purest form: undeserved, unmerited, yet given to us by God with this blessed woman willingly acting as a divine vessel.

Compassion against all odds

It is in her that we see pure and unadulterated compassion too. Ever willing to intercede on behalf of those who invoke her, she brings the gentlest and most tender qualities of femininity to our religion, being a great mother to us all.

This is her truest purpose: to mother, to nurture, to care, and to listen. In our darkest days, it is to her ears that we direct our pleas, and with ultimate compassion, she chooses to hear us all from her heavenly throne: always there, always waiting, and ever benevolent.