Online Prayer request — How Does It Work?

Online Prayer request — How Does It Work?

There comes a time in our lives when there seems to be no solution to our problems. No matter how hard we try, we feel that all doors are closed. It could be a marriage that’s falling apart, failure in studies, a long stretch of unemployment, coping with the death of someone you love, or a prolonged period of illness. Or, it may seem that you have everything in life, yet there is a void; your troubles remain hidden from even your family members and close friends and you go about your daily duties, but it leaves you scarred with mental health issues. Most of us turn to God to seek solace and strength so that we may emerge strong and victorious at the end of our struggle. If you want to send a prayer request to the Holy Land in your hour of trauma or grief but it is not possible for you to travel due to personal reasons, frail health or additional expenses, then consider sending an online prayer request.

Following a few easy steps will enable you to send an online prayer request to a holy site of your choice. You can fill in a prayer request form online for yourself, a family member, a friend, or a loved one. You can put down your thoughts either by filling in therequest form or writing it down on a piece of paper, taking a snapshot, and uploading it. A nominal fee of $4 – $16 lets you choose your preferred mode of confirmation. An email, digital photographs, or a hard copy of the photos can be sent to your residential address. Read on to learn more about the places where you can send a prayer request to and seek the Almighty’s blessings.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

This church gained significance as a popular pilgrimage destination for both Roman Catholics and Greek Orthodox Christians. It is believed to be the site of Christ’s burial, crucifixion, and resurrection. In 325 A.D., St. Helena, the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine, discovered the remnants of the True Cross. You can avoid the crowd or standing in exhausting queues by sending an online prayer request to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. A priest offers your prayer or a printed version of the request is placed on the Stone of Anointing; photographs or a video of your printed picture on the Stone of Anointing will be emailed to you. A Certificate of Authenticity will be delivered to your home address by post.


Abbey of the Dormition, Jerusalem

The centuries-old Basilica of Dormition overlooking the Old City is also known as the Dormition Abbey. The location, splendor, and size of the monastic church make it a prominent landmark in Jerusalem. The Benedictine church, located atop Mt. Zion, is famed for its high-domed bell tower. The site commemorates the end of the earthly life of the Virgin Mary and her ascension into heaven. It is also believed that Christ celebrated the Last Supper with his disciples at this place. Previously, the Church of the Apostles, an early Jewish-Christian church, stood on this site. Devout followers visit this holy site to pray for peace and seek the Lord’s blessing. You can seek His divine blessings by sending an online prayer request

The Garden Tomb, Jerusalem

This ancient rock-cut tomb was discovered in 1867. It was formerly known as the Abbey of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. This Benedictine Abbey is located outside Jerusalem’s Old City walls. It is a revered pilgrimage site, especially among the Protestants and Evangelical Anglicans who believe that the Garden Tomb is Christ’s burial tomb. According to the Gospels, Christ was crucified at a place called Golgotha (i.e., the place of the skull) whereas, in Aramaic, Gol Goatha signifies the “mount of execution.” The Garden Tomb is also believed to be the site of Christ’s Resurrection. You can reach out to the Lord and send a prayer request to this holy site

Church of All Nations Gethsemane, Jerusalem

The scriptures suggest that the church, also known as the Basilica of Agony and located at the foot of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, was the exact location where Christ prayed before he was captured, imprisoned by the Romans, and crucified. The church offers the perfect backdrop for reflection, prayer, and meditation, but if your present circumstances act as a deterrent for you to visit this holy site, you can send a request and seek succor for your parched soul.

St. Peter’s Church, Jaffa

This church was constructed in the Ottoman period over the remnants of a medieval fortress in 1654 and then renovated in 1903. The Baroque-style church is located atop the Jaffa Mound and commemorates the visit of St. Peter in Jaffa, his vision of the Great Sheet, and his miracle of raising Tabitha (Dorcas) from the dead. Unlike most churches, St. Peter’s Church faces the sea, toward the west and Rome, where he was later sent. A prayer request can be sent to this holy site for yourself or your loved ones.

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