Prayer and Holy Water – The Reason and the Force Behind Them

Prayer and Holy Water

Every Christian knows the connection between prayer and Holy water. Based on age-old custom, holy water is one of the signs that the Church often uses in blessing the faithful. We dip our fingers in the font and bless ourselves as we enter the Church. In making the sign of the cross with the Holy Water, we are mindful that we are called to renew those baptismal promises of rejecting Satan, all His works, and all his empty promises, and to profess our credal faith.

Holy water reminds the faithful of Christ, who is given to us as the supreme divine blessing, who called himself the living water. It reminds us of Jesus who, with water, established Baptism for our sake as the sacramental sign of the blessing that brings salvation.

Here’s a simple holy water prayer especially for when you are blessing yourself with the Sign of the Cross:

“By this holy water and by Your Precious Blood, wash away all my sins, O Lord. Amen.”

The Reason and the Force Behind Prayer and Holy Water

Through a priest, holy water is blessed by God in virtue of Christ’s baptism. The Church possesses enormous power in being able to impart sacramental grace—and holy water as a sacramental receives its power through the prayer and authority of the Church.

Holy Water reminds us of our Baptism when by the invocation of the Holy Trinity and the pouring of Holy Water, we were set free from Original Sin and all sin, infused with sanctifying grace, incorporated into the Church, and given the title Son or Daughter of God. Blessed Holy Water From Jesus Baptism Site symbolizes baptism that gives us a clear conscience toward God. It saves you by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Water blessing protects us against evil. In the prayer of blessing of water in the Sacramentary, we read: “Lord, God Almighty, creator of all life, of body and soul, we ask you to bless this water: as we use it in faith forgive our sins and save us from all illness and the power of evil. Lord, in your mercy, give us living water, always springing up as a fountain of salvation; free us, body and soul, from every danger, and admit us to your presence in the purity of heart.”

The holy water is a powerful sacramental and we ought to use it daily. To prevent us from using it without thinking, we should consciously find ways to use it more. Holy water prayer can be used for protection or to bless people, places, and things that are used by humans in their goal of glorifying God with their lives.

Here’s a simple prayer to bless the home with holy water in your everyday life:

If your home is being affected by evil forces that are causing your family to be destroyed or your loved ones are being disturbed by evil spirits, do not worry this prayer will make all evil spirits and evil forces go away. Say this prayer, while you sprinkle your whole house with holy water.

“With this water that is
Blessed with the power of the highest,
Today I drive away all evil spirits and
All bad vibes that want to
Bring disturbances to my home,
And I put protection so
that they can never happen again.

I bless my home at this time,
So that happiness may enter,
Love, unity, and patience,
May peace reign in this home
And we lack nothing.

May Jesus Christ be
Welcome to this humble home,
To dwell here forever.

In the name of holy Jesus.”

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