Prayer is one of the most effective and powerful ways to reach our inner peace and salvation. In modern times, it’s more powerful than ever.

Why are we praying?

Two other questions arise when asking ourselves why we’re praying: WHEN are we praying and WHAT are we praying for? Usually, when we feel lost or troubled, we are seeking for Salvation and Peace. We want to go back to the place and situation that made us feel safe and comfortable. In this sense, praying for Peace and Salvation goes hand in hand. But how will praying help us achieve this goal?
Do you sometimes feel lost, misguided, or hurt? Does it make you feel troubled, trapped or distressed?

Prayer is a pathway to God

A prayer is a direct way to reach God’s heart so that He would know what is dear and true to us. We form a very close bond with God through prayer, because he listens and answers. If we want salvation and forgiveness from God, we have to talk to Him, and the only way to give some of that eternal love back to Him is to pray from the bottom of our hearts.

Should we pray for Peace?

Prayer for peace is no exception – God hears us in whatever prayer we choose to let Him hear. Praying for peace may bring joy and serenity to our hearts, and God blesses us all with everyday happiness when we’re thankful… God gave us the gift of life, and only God will grant us peace and salvation.

Praying in modern time

Even today, we have a culture of praying. Groups for praying are an amazing way to bond with your fellow Christians, and it’s a powerful praise to God Himself. Technology today gives us the opportunity of praying with even larger communities around the world. Praying for peace and salvation for others is powerful, as well as praying for ourselves. Praise the Lord for salvation and peace, and never be afraid of talking to God, because he is always here to help and guide us.
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