How did painters of the renaissance see Mother Mary?

How did painters of the renaissance see Mother Mary?

We can find in Art pieces of evidence about the spiritual life in a certain time and place. In this article, we will explore Mother Mary’s figure during the renaissance in Europe.

The Mother Mary depicted alone or with the Baby Jesus, is a common feature of the art which characterized Renaissance culture, from the 14th Century to the 17th Century in Europe.

Representing figure

This kind of representation is often used in the Orthodox and Catholic churches.

Sometimes it is referred to as a ‘Madonna’, coming from the Italian ‘ma donna’ or ‘my lady’ in English.

Many pictures and statues, particularly as part of the Italian Renaissance, depict the Mother Mary.

It is not uncommon to find saints and angels depicted to the sides of the Mother Mary, who is the central figure. Many artworks and 3D depictions refer to scenes from the life of the Mother Mary.

sent prayer to jerusalem

The Painters

Many of the artists known as the Masters of the Renaissance period chose the Mother Mary as the main subject of their works, including Michelangelo, Giovanni Bellini, Leonardo da Vinci, Duccio, Raphael, Rubens, and Caravaggio.

The Sistine Madonna by Raphael is perhaps the most famous depiction of the Mother Mary. It was originally painted for the San Sisto Church in Piacenza.


The influence of the paintings

These works typically depict Mother Mary expressing compassion and love – there is certainly a current of emotion which can be seen in the best Madonnas.

Some of the works produced in the Renaissance period are considered sacred and were instrumental in the careers of the artists themselves. Other subjects from the Old Testament are featured in the landscape of Renaissance art, but the Mother Mary is certainly one of the most popular and important subjects chosen in this period.

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