Prayers for Easter Monday | Catholic Prayers and Blessings

Prayers for Easter Monday | Catholic Prayers and Blessings

Prayers for Easter Monday

Now that Easter Monday is not so far off, it is time to make a plan for this holy day this year. Prayers are an all-important part of any celebration, and Easter Monday 2022 is not an exception to this rule. The idea of this blog is to reinstate the importance of praying to make you feel a closer connection with our Lord and his only Son Jesus Christ.

As your kids feel excited about the fun activities to enjoy on Easter, it is time for you to make them aware of the importance of prayers on this holy day. There is more to this special occasion than hunting for Easter eggs and eating mouthwatering candies.

Here are some beautiful prayers that will make a difference to your Easter celebration this year. You may use these prayers to share your happiness and appreciation for the lovely things in your life.

1. Prayer for Peace and Happiness to Your Loved Ones

Dear King of Kings,

I pray to you at this holy time of the year to bring peace and happiness to me, and my loved ones. I feel glad to sing your glory on this joyous day, and thank you for letting Jesus our savior, be with me through thick and thin. Please bless me so that I can meet all challenges in my life. May you be my helpful guide at all times! Amen.

2. Prayer to Control Disturbing Thoughts

Dear God,

Please make me strong enough to stop my mind from dwelling upon disturbing thoughts. Please help me to concentrate on you every day and at all moments. May this prayer for Easter Monday help me be positive and hopeful to handle the challenges in my life! Dear Lord, bless me always and take away my thoughts. May my faith and joy in you remain intact always! Amen.

3. Prayer to Praise Our Lord’s Power and Presence

O Almighty God,

I take this chance to confess my reluctance to move ahead in life as if there is no way out of my current status. Please make me aware of your purpose, power, and presence in my life. Dear Lord, may your resurrecting power come into the lives of me and my loved ones. I pray to you in the name of your only son Jesus Christ. Amen.

4. Prayer to Thank Lord for His Presence

Dear Lord,

We live in these disturbing times when there is countless disturbing and sad news around us. At the same time, we are aware that things cannot improve simply by thinking about these events all the time. If we do that, we would lose our convictions and hopes.

Thank you, God, for safeguarding us all the time, and for your unconditional love and support for me and my loved ones. I feel confident that you will keep showering us with your affection and blessings always.

We are also aware that Jesus got His mightiest victory through his ultimate sacrifice at the cross. Christ, your son is our only solace, and he is always glad to guide us when we face any challenging situation. Thank you, Lord, because we can now take a sigh of relief as you are by our side. Amen.

About The Salvation Garden

We at The Salvation Garden realize how much it matters to you when your prayer reaches the Holy Land. We are a dedicated prayer community that is tirelessly working to ensure that your Easter Monday prayer is delivered to one of Jerusalem’s holy churches.

Just fill out your prayer request online, and we will do the rest for you. We do not charge for this noble service but welcome your generous donations towards our travel and printing expenses.


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