5 Prayers of the Faithful for Holy Thursday

5 Prayers of the Faithful for Holy Thursday

5 Prayers of the Faithful for Holy Thursday

In the Prayer of the Faithful, believers respond in a particular manner to God while holding the office of the baptismal priesthood. We offer such prayers to the Lord for everyone’s salvation. As a practice, such prayers are a part of Masses celebrated with congregations. Here are our top 5 picks of Holy Thursday prayers of the faithful just for you.

1 Prayer for Inspiration and Help

Dear Lord,
We contemplate the suffering and the sacrifice that Christ experienced for us. We come to you asking for your inspiration and help. Today, we pray for all people who carry a heavy cross like Christ due to lack of shelter, poverty, sadness, and illness. We also pray for all those believers who need your support. Amen.

2. Prayer to Protect from Coronavirus

Mother Mary,
You continuously shine on your path as a sign of hope and salvation. You are our hope and refuge as we urge upon you for the good health of the sick. You participated in the pain of Jesus at the foot of the Holy Cross. May feasting and joy return after this trial so that we conform ourselves to the will of the Father and follow what Christ tells us! Amen.

3. Prayer against Racial Discrimination

Lord of justice,
You create all your people equally in your wisdom without any kind of exception. We open our eyes through your goodness to see the worth, beauty, and dignity of all human beings. Open our minds to appreciate that all children of yours are sisters and brothers and belong to the same family of humanity. Make our minds broader to oppose racist behaviors, speech, and attitudes that humiliate others.

4. Prayer to Make Amends for Past Injustices

Open our ears to listen to the cries of all those racially discriminated people and hear their desperate appeals for change. Give us the power to make our resolution stronger to make necessary amends for injustices towards them in the past and to make amends for the mistakes of history.

Fill us with valor so that we can build bridges, heal wounds, show mercy, and be forgiven. Establish equality and peace for everyone in our communities. We are praying for this through our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

5. Prayer to Gratefully Surrender Ourselves into Hands of God

Dear King of Kings,
We pray that you offer us the courage and conviction so that we can surrender to the hands of God. Make us give up our worries and anxieties and help us to end our agonies with understanding. Bless all those people who carry the burden of suffering and poverty. Provide food and shelter to the poor and hungry, and sufferers. Help all those who are going through stress or are lonely. Amen.

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