6 Prayers to Pray Each Day of the Holy Week

6 Prayers to Pray Each Day of the Holy Week

6 Prayers to Pray Each Day of the Holy Week

Do you want to have a unique spiritual experience during this holy week? Praying during the holy week is a common practice for Christians so that we can prepare our hearts and focus our thoughts to mark the most significant events of the faith.

The entire planet has been deeply affected by the pandemic and social distancing. These events have made it more relevant to set up a tradition of meditation and prayer during these holy days. Check out these 6 prayers to pray on each day of the holy week 2022.

1. Prayer for Monday

Dear Father,
You sent your only son Jesus Christ to rescue us from our sin. Please help me so that I can bring glory to your name and revere you by following the path of Jesus. Show me mercy and grace and guide me as I am uncertain of the path to follow. May I always follow you while walking with you during this holy week, as well as, beyond! Amen.

2. Prayer for Tuesday

O Almighty and Heavenly Father,’
You sent your only son Christ to make the ultimate sacrifice to save me. You are my sole support, my strength, and the source of my wisdom. I have my complete trust, hope, and faith in you. Allow me to follow you on all my days, looking only for you. I offer myself to serve and love you and follow you no matter what I do. Amen.

3. Prayer for Wednesday

Dear Jesus Christ,
You suffered so much that I can lead a secure life. You had to walk through the toughest road through rejection, betrayal, and shame. Despite that, you always had the best things in your heart for us. The only reason you came on this planet is to secure us and save us from our sins.

O Christ, you offered us hope in you and our life. Dear Lord, show us the path, inspire us to persevere even during difficult days, and make us remember the undying hope we have in you. Amen.

4. Prayer for Maundy Thursday

Dear King of Kings,
Show us how to live and lead through love. Enlighten us so that we can serve and love others with humble and gracious hearts. Teach us to remember your wise words every time we are before your table for sharing the bread and drink from the cup. O Lord, you are the mightiest one full of mercy and blessings for us. Lead us so that we can always follow your way. Amen.

5. Prayer for Good Friday

O Christ,
We remember your ultimate sacrifice for us on this day. It is the day you were tortured and crucified. We sit in complete darkness today and remember the anguish we had to face because of us. You bore our sin without any complaint and died to save us. We reminisce about your painful final hours and are hoping that you are always there for us.

Lord, make me closer to you as I do not wish to live in a world without you. You are our only hope and the light of our lives. I have complete belief in you and would love to follow you every single day of my life, knowing the path ahead could be tough. Jesus, please fill the world with your divine light. Amen.

6. Prayer for Saturday

Dear Father,
You have such great affection for us that you sent your only son to die for our sins. I can never doubt your ways or your love. Yet, there are some dark moments in my life when I begin to question what happens next. There are times when I overlook your faithfulness and love. God, show mercy on my disbelief so that I can trust you at all times and regard you as my rock.

You are my refuge and my only hope during a storm. I realize that your love and mercies never end. King of Kings, you are more than sufficient for me and help me remember this fact as long as I live. Show me the path of love and help me lead the life you want me to live. Amen.

About The Salvation Garden

If you wish to send your holy week prayers 2022 to the Holy Land without traveling, you can take the help of The Salvation Garden. We are a dedicated prayer community to ensure that all believers can access the holy sites of Jerusalem.

We will be more than glad to support you to deliver your holy week prayer to your chosen church in the Holy Land. Just fill out our online prayer request and do not forget to choose the church from the list of holy sites. While our services are free, your donations will be a big help in meeting our security, printing, and travel expenses.


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