Prayers and Appeal for Ukraine

Prayers and Appeal for Ukraine

Prayers and Appeal for Ukraine

Churches from all over the planet have a crucial role in solidarity efforts and prayers for Ukraine as the Russian military exercise has resulted in a gloomy and disastrous status. After Russia invaded Ukraine, several Church communities have expressed deep concerns and have come forward to support the vulnerable citizens in the conflict. At the same time, there have been endless calls for peace negotiations and dialogs to end a war that started on February 24, this year.

Pope Francis has played a pivotal role in initiating the prayer for Ukraine. On February 23, he declared March 2 as a day to pray and fast for peace for the innocent people in Ukraine. Here are some of the prayers for those deeply affected after the outbreak of the war.

1. Prayer for the Sufferers in Ukraine

Loving Lord,
We offer our prayers for the innocent people of Ukraine and all those who are frightened or suffering. Please protect them and stay close to them. We are also playing for global leaders for strength, wisdom to make proper decisions, and compassion. So many people are in deep crisis, and we are praying for their well-being. Please make us reach out to all those sisters and brothers in need in deep solidarity. Please give us the strength to follow your ways to ensure that justice and peace prevail for the citizens of Ukraine and the entire world. Amen.

2. Prayer for mediation in Ukraine

Dear God,
At this crucial time of ongoing conflict in Ukraine, we pray that the church assumes a vital role and speaks words of justice and truth. May she act with deep compassion and becomes a sign of Jesus’ love and blessings for all the sufferers in Ukraine. There are so many people who are in need of your mercy, and you are their only savior.
We are playing for world leaders so that they show wisdom and integrity to work together to make sure that peace prevails in Ukraine, Russia, and other parts of the world. There are people who are amid violence in Ukraine, and we remember them in our prayers during this time of conflict and fear.

May they feel your presence and peace! Our heart goes out to the victims of the war who are hungry and need food and shelter. Let peace be with them always.

This prayer also goes out to our local community and parish to extend a hand of solidarity to all those sisters and brothers who are needy and affected in Ukraine. Amen.

3. Prayer for Passion

God for all nations and people,
That created all things breathing and alive,
Whole and united,
Please guide us through the path of peace with your overwhelming presence.
We pray for the innocent people of Russia and Ukraine, every adult and child.
We are anxiously waiting for the time when the war will end and suffering will cease.
Let no nation pick up sword against another as we beg for peace everywhere.
Dear Lord, protect your people who deserve to live a safe and secure life.
Comfort people who are constantly living in fear for the lives of their dear ones.
Console all those who have lost their loved ones in this deadly war.
Change the mindsets of people set on aggression and violence.
May all world leaders show wisdom leading to peace!
Kindle in people the love for their neighbors.
May people seek justice as we all pray for the end of suffering! Please accept our prayer for the Ukraine war.

About The Salvation Garden

Contact The Salvation Garden if you want to send a prayer for war to the Holy Land without traveling. We are a dedicated prayer community constantly working to ensure that all prayers are delivered to the church of your choice in Jerusalem.

You have to visit our website and fill out the Ukraine war prayer. Next, choose the holy site where we would deliver the prayer. We will also confirm with you once the prayer gets delivered. Although we provide this service free of cost, your donations are welcome.



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