The Prayer That Saved My Life

The Prayer That Saved My Life


We have read various accounts of Christ’s miracles and how His healing touch cured the devout. But how many of us have experienced these miraculous happenings in our lives? In today’s age of nuclear medicine and the latest advances in surgery and methods of treatment, should we turn to the Supreme Power or simply believe in the advancement of science? Such thoughts cloud our mind time and again. And I was no exception. I had heard about how people who are unable to visit holy places send a prayer request for the sick to a place of their choice or send a prayer request to Israel, but I didn’t give it much thought till a life-altering ailment shattered my very existence.

I had lost my mother a month ago and was trying to come to terms with my loss. I had stopped going out with my friends and refused to be a part of any social or family gatherings; I hated the look of sympathy in people’s eyes. Their words of comfort made me more miserable and wallow in self-pity. I would feel restless and wanted to spend time alone. I had forgotten to live, I merely existed.

One day, I noticed a small lump on my breast. I didn’t think much about it and chose to ignore it. Within a short span of time, I noticed that more lumps had developed. I confided in my maternal aunt, who told me to consult my family physician immediately. I was referred to an oncologist who asked me to undergo tests. My worst fears came true when the test results confirmed that I had breast carcinoma. I had always been a Believer and faithful follower of the Lord, but the first question that came to my mind was: “Why me, God?” I was only 26 years old and had always led a disciplined life. Then how could this happen to me of all people? Neither of my parents had a family history of carcinoma. No one in my family had ever succumbed to the dreadful disease. I kept asking God: “How could I, of all people, be diagnosed with cancer?” Why were mishaps occurring in my life in quick succession?

Although the Scripture advises us to pray, all I wanted to do was cry out to God in despair; but words failed me as I tried to pray. My aunt, who had been a pillar of strength, suggested that I consider sending a prayer request to Israel. This gave rise to more questions in my mind. Does God heal everyone? Why are some people bereft of His healing touch? Will my prayers be answered? Will I be able to receive His healing balm? Although I had been diagnosed with carcinoma, my oncologist had advised further tests to confirm and diagnose the stage of cancer and prepare a plan of treatment. My aunt told me of a few acquaintances who had sent a prayer for the sick and received His blessings. As it was not possible for me to undertake a pilgrimage to the Holy Land due to my health, as well as expenses involved, I decided to give it a thought. With a lot of trepidation in my heart, I surfed the Internet to choose a church and send a prayer request to Israel. I decided to surrender myself to the Lord and trust Him completely to deliver me from my state of hopelessness.

I had never felt so helpless in my life until this juncture, but I had nothing to lose as I turned to the Eternal Power. A few days later, I received a confirmation of acceptance of my prayer request to Israel at the church that I had chosen. I received a video of my prayer request for the sick and felt a glimmer of hope in my body, mind, and spirit. My test results confirmed that, although I had been diagnosed with breast carcinoma, it was in the early stages. As I heaved a sigh of relief, a sense of gratitude filled my mind and heart. I still needed surgery and several weeks of radiotherapy, but I was renewed with the courage to fight and win my battle against the disease.

Many times we face such a predicament in life or see our near and dear ones suffering physically and mentally. Sending a prayer request for the sick can deliver us from our pain or mend our broken heart. Physicians and medicines can provide relief to our bodily ailments, but we need to turn to the Supreme Power for inner healing. We reach out to family and friends in their times of crisis, but we don’t know who to really turn to in our hour of need. Send a prayer request to Israel and receive the Lord’s miraculous healing touch. Remember, you are not alone in your suffering; the Lord is always with you.


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