5 Easter Prayers to Feel Blessed this Holy Day

5 Easter Prayers to Feel Blessed this Holy Day

5 Easter Prayers to Feel Blessed this Holy Day

You could be already making plans for Easter this year. We suggest you keep these beautiful Easter prayers close to you as they will be reminders of the reason for our rejoicing in 2022 – Christ’s resurrection.

You could be thinking about other brilliant Easter basket ideas for your little ones. spiritual Prayers should be an integral part of your Easter celebration in 2022. Some of these prayers are also perfect for sharing with your children to teach them more about this Christian holiday, rather than just eating candies and hunting for Easter eggs.

These five prayers are thoughtfully and beautifully written and will make a significant addition to Easter day for your family. Let these prayers be ways to share your appreciation and gratitude for the blessings and good things in your life.

1. Thanking God for Jesus’ Resurrection

Dear Lord,
We thank you for your only Son, Jesus Christ’s resurrection. We wish to celebrate Him on each day of our lives. The world is growing darker with every passing day. So, guide us for holding His light and glory. May we have the courage to speak boldly and with a deep conviction of what is right always. Help us so that we never feel shy about declaring your news. We pray in the name of Jesus, Amen.

2. Thanking God for His Protection 

Dear God,
The times are scary, and headlines bring troubling and sad news every day. We also know that if we dwell on these things too much, we would lose our hopes and courage. We thank you for protecting us always and for those blessed promises of yours. We believe that nothing can take your love for us.

We also realize that Christ got the His ultimate victory at the cross. Jesus is our only hope and is always there to help us when in trouble. We do not have anything to fear and thank you for that. Amen.

3. Prayer for Praising God’s Presence and Power

Almighty Lord,
I praise you for your purpose, presence, and power in my life. I also take this opportunity to admit my unwillingness and unbelief to move forward steadily when there seems to be no hope. Oh God, pour your spirit on me and let your resurrecting power be there in the lives of my dear ones and on me. I pray in the name of your Son Jesus. Amen.

4. Prayer to Help in Resisting Temptations and Controlling Thoughts

O King of Kings,
Let me focus only on you at every moment and every day, but particularly on this Easter Sunday 2022. Please support me to control the temptation to dwell upon the painful things in my life. Bless me so that I know the way to control my painful thoughts and my joy and faith in you remain intact. Amen.

5. Prayer for Christ to Be Always There 

Dear God,
I pray at this joyous time of the year to bring happiness and peace to me and all those who are the closest to me. I sing your glory and urge you to let Christ our savior be always there by my side and bless me, and my loved ones abundantly. I request you to be my loving guide always. Amen.

About The Salvation Garden 

The Salvation Garden understands the significance of an Easter prayer in your life. We are a prayer community that works selflessly to ensure that your Easter prayer Catholic and other prayers are delivered to your chosen holy site in Jerusalem.

Fill out your prayer request on the website, and our team members will travel to the Holy Land to deliver your prayer. You do not have to pay for this service, but your donations to meet our travel and other expenses will be welcome.


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