Why Do Christians Celebrate the Feast of St Colette of Corbie and St John Joseph of the Cross in March?

Why Do Christians Celebrate the Feast of St Colette of Corbie and St John Joseph of the Cross in March?

Celebrate the Feast of St Colette of Corbie and St John Joseph of the Cross in March

The month of March is significant for Christians because of two special feast days – the Feast of St Colette of Corbie and the Feast of St John of the Cross. Read on to know more about these saints and the festivities that are observed on these two days.

Feast of St. Colette of Corbie

The Feast of St. Colette falls on March 6 every year in memory of the unifier and reformer of the Church. Followers remember St. Colette for her holiness as she accomplished several extraordinary things in the name of God during her lifetime.

Her parents were close to 60 when she was born but they died when she was 17-year-old. Her father was a well-known carpenter and was famous throughout France. People believe that her mother had conceived her after offering prayers to St. Nicholas, the patron of kids. Although her guardian wanted to marry her, Colette was attracted to religious life.

Saint Colette reminds us that suffering and struggles can eventually lead to conversion and redemption. She visited innumerable convents and faced abuse, slander, and abuse. The saint was even alleged of sorcery, but she gained sympathizers finally.

People remember the saint for her unconditional allegiance to Christ’s Passion and affection for animals. The saint fasted every Friday and even had ecstasies after getting the Holy Communion. She had forecasted the date of her death.

Celebrating the Special Day

The saint is a patron saint for pregnant women and couples who wish to conceive. She is a miracle child and is said to have performed miracles on several occasions, which were related to children when she was alive. Believers celebrate March 6, her feast day, with a little fast and pray in her honor.

Feast of St John Joseph of the Cross

The Feast of Saint John Joseph of the Cross falls on March 5 every year in the memory of this holy saint. The saint was just 16-year-old when he joined Franciscans. He followed Asceticism, meaning practicing a lifestyle devoid of sensual pleasures for attaining the spiritual goals in his life.

He was the first Italian who followed St Peter Alcantara’s reform movement so that the order could become a staunch follower of austerity and atonement. The saint had an excellent reputation for holiness during his lifetime.

When his term as a provincial ended, he spent his time practicing mortification and hearing confessions. Saint John Joseph of the Cross was blessed with the gifts of healing and prophecy. He would faint into ecstasies on several occasions and known to bi-locate.

How is the Feast Celebrated Every Year?

The saint is honored every year on March 5 but the festivities on the roads of Ischia Ponte were observed on the first Sunday of every September for four days at a stretch. These days, the churches are decorated beautifully and special Masses are held. People carry the relic of the saint in procession through the city streets. You will also come across fireworks shows on this feast day.

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