What did God destine for Mother Mary?

What did God destine for Mother Mary?


What can we learn from the mission and purpose God gave to Mary? How is it connected to the Planet Earth?

Missions, Mother Mary and God

Just like Mother Mary, we all come to this world with a mission, a calling from God. While we all know about her purpose of being the Mother of Jesus Christ, we should consider her further callings.

In our age, we as sons and daughters of God are called together to fulfill our vows. But, many of us have lost the memory of the vow and of the inner experience with our God. Therefore, we tend to forget that God is personable and that we can talk to Him as an old friend, rather than a stranger. Since God is almighty and friendly at the same time, we might tend to forget that he gave us missions, purposes.

The Present God Gave us

As God has given us the world to take care of, we should make sure that we do not destroy it. We have seen many actions of human beings have led to disasters like climate change which are threatening to destroy the very nature of human beings and the very place God has created for us.

What must we do?

We should strive to conserve the environment by planting more trees and making sure that it is clean. Also, we must take care of our rivers and lakes and everything that God provided for us in our natural surroundings.
We have to avoid activities which lead to any type of pollution, be it air, land or water. When our air is polluted, it leads to diseases which threaten our lives, the lives of animals and plants.

Mother Mary is our Reminder

In conclusion, in order to live like Mother Mary and do what God instructs us to do of our planet; we should always strive to ensure that we protect it for our generation and the generations to come.

Mother Mary had fulfilled her mission, she is an inspiration to all mankind. She is a constant reminder of the importance of life and assuring its existence. Since we all have a mission from God, making efforts to protect life should be our main concern and all living matter.

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